Saturday, November 21, 2009

#43 and More

Last Sunday I ran the RI 6 hour Ultra in Warwick, Rhode Island. This race completes my 43rd state. The photo was me reaching the finish line near the end of 6 hours. Of course in a 6 hour event the finish line is relative to the number of loops one makes in the race.
The course was a 2.7 mile asphalt loop in Warwick City Park. The park was beautiful not counting the cloudiness of the day. So the goal was to make as many 2.7 mile loops before resorting to the 0.9 mile short loop when time is a factor and one can no longer make the long loop.
At 8:00 AM the gun goes off and the runners charge forward. There were 67 ultra runners and 29 relay teams. My concern was not the relays, but how do you know whose who. Who cares, my goal was to get to 50 km mark. Well actually my goal was to go 33-35 miles, but was modified after the first loop. It seems that the course was hilly after 1.25 miles. Not major hills but enough to add about 50 feet of climb per mile. So around and around I go, getting to talk with several 50 staters and then listening to my MP3 player. Time actually slipped by quickly and then I hit the marathon point with a time of 4:50:24, so at that point it was official, state #43. However I did pay for a full 6 hours of running so I wanted my monies worth, so onward I went. Upon finishing loop #11, I did not have enough time to do another big loop, so opted for two of the 0.9 mile small loops. Officially I finished with 31.495 (5:57:45) in 45th place.
The race was well run and the race organization is to be applauded.
The trip went pretty uneventful, other than all the rain on Saturday. If that rain would have been on race day, runners would have been slowed. As it was the winner completed 51.323 miles. That is amazing.
My next state will not be until June of 2010. My plan is to go west and knock off 5 states.
If I am able to pull this off I will run the following schedule: 6/11 - Bear Lake Marathon, ID; 6/12 - Bear Lake Marathon, UT; 6/13 - Estes Park Marathon, CO; 6/19 - Bighorn Mountain 50KM, WY; 6/26 - Pacific Crest Trail Marathon, OR. So that would be #44, 45, 46, 47, & 48. That would leave North Dakota and Washington. On On!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Triple Mudman

Cross Country - Districts

First of all both my boys and girls cross country teams are moving on to the region meet next week. The boys placed 3rd and the girls tied for 5th with us losing out on the tie breaker, so sixth.
I was pleased my #4 girl who was out with flu all last week was able to toe the line with her team. She said to me she would not be at top form and may not hit her normal times. You got to love them. My response was 'all you have to do is be in front of our #5 girl and we should move on. She did and the team did. She can show her stuff next week. Bryan Derr was 2nd and Jace Wolford was 8th to qualify as individuals for the boys. Hadley Greer was 13th and Andi Van Sickle was 22nd to move on as individuals. So fun for the coach who gets to torture at least one more week.

Triple Mudman:
1st race (Saturday, 10/24): Night Time Time Trail on a tough 5 km course.
This was a neat race with runners taking off every 10 seconds. My goal was to run like crazy and hold off any runners trying to pass me. 4 passed me in the 1st mile and I passed 3 in the final
2.1. This was an exhilarating run in the dark with just a head lamp. Wow.
I am glad I ran the 6 hour race several weeks ago. It was the same 5 km course. There are some tough sections and turns. Knowing the course aloud me to prevent any face plants, as some did. No one was injured or died during this run. I came in 44th, time was 29:42.

2nd race (Sunday 9:30 AM, 10/25): Steeplechase on log strewn, hale bale obstacles, and mud pits, and even ropes strewn across the trail. Different 5 km course and very challenging. I decided to go after this 5 km and try to do well. I came in 39th, 32:54. Don't laugh at the time unless you went through the course.

3rd race (Sunday 11:00 AM, 10/25): 10 Km Cross Country race. The first mile and half were the most challenging as it was in pasture that was muddy and ankle twisting. They mowed it, but I think they should have left it alone. The rest was trail. My legs were tired, but I pushed until the 4th mile when my gas tank ran a little low causing me to walk up the hills. I did not wait for the results of this race or the outcome of the Triple Mudman. They will be posted on the site: Mudman tomorrow.
I recommend this race as it was fun, friendly, and challenging. Be brave, be a Mudman!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Districts and the Mudman Triple

Low and behold I am writing a blog after too long an absence.
I have been running and training for the upcoming Rhode Island 6 Hour Ultra to be held on November 15th. This will be my 43 rd state and I am looking forward to the event and format.

Districts are tomorrow for my cross country teams. While injuries and sickness have plagued the teams all season we are hopeful they both can make it to the next dance, Regional s at Boardman.
If only my 3rd runner boy wasn't injured (not running) and my 4th girl wasn't sick (running) and 5th girl not injured (running) we would obviously do much better. We still should make a strong showing either way.

Mudman Triple will be run on trails and whatever else they can find to make a sloppy day of it.
The races are run at Kenyon College at the BFEC Education Center and the Observatory.
Saturday night there will be a 5 KM Time Trial in the dark on hilly trails. Headlamp is required.
I hope I make it in time from the district meet to be held at Malone College.
Sunday morning are two races.
The 1st is a Steeplechase 5 km. More mud and water and trail.
2nd a 10 KM trail race.
Do all three and your a MUDMAN.....not MADMAN!
Will report on all of the above.

Also, I thought I would put up a photo just for the heck of it. Mansfield Y Running Club, enjoy.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clarence DeMar Marathon - #42

Well it is in the books.
Today I ran the Clarence De Mar Marathon that starts in Gilsum, NH and runs to Keene, NH.
I got up around 5 AM and headed to the finish line at Keene College to be bused to Gilsum.
The rain was coming down on my way over to Gilsum and continued all the way through the marathon.
This is a nice marathon that runs through some beautiful areas of New Hampshire. Along forested rivers and streams. Up and down hills, some large and real workers.
My plan was simple get to the finish line. I did!
Next was to run the first 16 miles in under 10 minute miles, I did !
The last I hoped to keep my remaining miles around 10:30 miles, I did!
My time was benefited by running sub 9 minute miles for the first 6 miles.
I felt great to around 18 miles when my current problem flared up (back). After suffering for a while I took a naproxen tablet at 21 miles. There is a long steep hill after 22 mile marker, so I was glad I took it.
I met some nice runners out on course. Lou and I ran in to the finish. We talked about many subjects including running, he's a teacher of middle school students, and of course finishing.
I would recommend this race as well run and a very nice act.
My finish time was 4:28:46 (not official).

Friday, September 25, 2009

Powder Mill Park

Made it to Rochester, NY for the night. Found a nice park with trails called Powder Mill Park.
Betty and I walked for about a mile, then I went out for a three plus mile run. Just ran time, but did not want to over do it.
Planned on 3 miles or around 30 minutes, but getting slightly off course added a little extra time. Tempts were 59 and a stiff breezes. Nice trails, and very few people out and about.
Tomorrow Keene, NH and Sunday run the Clarence DeMar Marathon. Later............................

Friday, September 18, 2009

15 miles and the back felt great.

I ran 15 miles at Kokosing Gap Trail near Gambier. I have been having lots of back pain of late, but today I did well and no problems. That's good news since I will be doing a marathon next week. Yes, the Clarence DeMar Marathon, Keene, New Hampshire.
On Sunday I did the Odyssey 6 Hour Run at Kenyon College. This race was off road, trail and cross country style course. A beautiful setting and a well run event.
The problem was I had major back pain within 5 miles. I trudged on and did a pitiful 24.8 miles. That gave me a nice 4th overall out of 42 entrants. However I was super chicked by Terri Lemke and Kim Boner who were 1st and 2nd. The 3rd place went to another male runner who ran the same distance as me, he just went home a few hours earlier than me.
Congratulations to Terri and Kim for a nice race as they never looked fatigued.

My cross country teams had a good day last Tuesday winning both boys and girls races at our home tri-meet. Bryan Derr performed well, as always with a new course record and an another win. Hadley Greer smoked the girls and is now finding her winning ways. She just a freshman, but acts like a junior high kid. So there is hope for her.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ice Cream

Summer has been great for running and increasing the training, but the quality was not there. The other day a person close to me indicated that I may have gained some extra pounds. Low and behold the scale confirmed this outrageous fact.
While my training miles have increased so has my intake of ice cream. Summer is a time of ice cream and apparently I have partaken of one to many belly busters at Stake Shortstop.
So what to do......calorie count has begun again in earnest as I have a marathon in a little over 2 weeks. As anyone can figure this won't be a PR, but a completion for state #42. My focus race will be in November, the Rhodes Island 6 Hour Ultra. So I must lose 20 pounds by then and get much faster. No more ice cream, dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday I plan on running the Kokosing Odyssey 6 Hour Run near Gambier, Ohio. It is all on cross country course so I will use it as a long training run with the 1st half marathon at a fast pace and survive the remaining distance from there on. I would like to go at least 27 miles.
Fact: 1 Belly Buster = 1200 calories; the same as 9 Sam Adams.

Cross Country has been going well, the boys won an invitational last week, the girls came in second. Since then my #3 runner got injured and is hurting the teams scoring. Hopefully he will be better and we can back to our winning ways. The girls are looking strong, so thing are looking up for the end of the season.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Facebook is killing me.

It seems like it has been forever putting up a post. I have been real tardy about keeping blogs up to date and surely can find many excuses as to why. Actually it comes down to Facebook. Every time I am on line, I check out my Facebook and get stuck there. I really enjoy it, but your life can flash before you.

The other things in life that seem to go by fast are cross country in which we have our second meet tomorrow, Crestview Invite. Last Wednesday we were at Northmor Invite. The boys were 4th of 12 schools with Bryan Derr winning. Second place was in our grasp and with some fine tuning we will be a better team. The girls had a good day placing 7th of 14 schools. With a young team, many errors were made and easily corrected. Hadley Greer placed 5th overall and is much better than her placing. Hadley should have a good year.

Running: I am still preparing for Clarence DeMar Marathon in Keene, New Hampshire. It won't be a great performance as my training is not at optimum. But I will attempt a respectable time in going after the 42nd state in my quest for the 50. Then in November it will be my focus race, Rhode Island 6 Hour Ultra, state 43.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Canalway Classic 5 KM and much more.

Today I went and ran the Canalway Classic 5 KM race in Navarre, Ohio. This is a very nice race and a fast course. I began doing this race several years ago as part of the Subway Challenge Series and fell in love with the race and course. The field was large with 415 runners finishing. My time was not stellar but is was what it was a 25:06. I had problems breathing in the first mile which was due most likely to the high humidity. After the first mile I kept passing people so I thought I was doing fine time wise, but the second mile was an 8:29, so I know I fell way off pace. I continued and still passed runners not to be passed and did this all the way into the finish. 177th place overall. 128th of 201 men. 10th of 20 in my age group.
My one H.S. runner who ran did a nice race with an 8th place finish, 2nd age group. Jace Wolford ran 17:31. Job well done...................

I have been running with my high school cross country team, meaning a harder workout for me over last year. I did get some good runners out this year and it looks to be an exciting year.

Last Tuesday night I ran with the Mansfield Y Running Club doing the Woodlands Loop. Very nice area to run and good company. I ran the 4 miles with Joe Crawford who attempted the Burning River 100. He had a good race, but his feet became very sore and blistered and thus his demise. Joe will definitely get this distance in no time. Congrats Joe.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

On Top of Things.

Well so much for my weekly reviews of my training. I last left you with my stellar training from week #1, now I am starting week #4. So what happened to week #2 & #3. Let's review quickly so not to bore you.
Week #2:
7/13 Repeats of 3X1 mile @ 7:59 Total of 8 miles.
7/14 3.8 miles with the Mansfield Y RC, Woodlands Loop. Good company and Mexican
food after.
7/18 Ran a 5 km cross country race at Camp Mowanna in 25:03. Not to bad for not being in 5k
shape. Very hilly!

Week #3:
7/19 Ran 12 miles with the Mansfield Y RC in Lexington. Betty walked 5 miles also.
7/21 Did a tempo run of 6 miles. Max HR 164, average 148.
Also, down to 140 lbs. from 154.
The big things to occur were the Half Blood Prince and the Tour De France.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 1

A review of week 1 of my twelve week program for marathon training. The focus marathon will be the Clarence DeMar in New Hampshire on September 27.
Weight starting: 151
Weight today: 145

Sunday: 5.5 miles on trail. Great fast run.
Monday: 5 miles, road.
Tuesday: 5.5 miles, trail.
Wednesday: 2 mile warm up, 5X800 at 5 km pace, 2 mile cool down.
Thursday: 5.2 miles.
Friday: Rest day.
Saturday: 7 mile road run with 3 miles at tempo pace (HR. high 161, range: 145-161).

This coming week has two interval workouts plus an 18 mile run. Race a 5 km on cross country course this coming Saturday. Run through the Pines, Camp Mowana, Mansfield.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Beat Goes On!

After the Mohican Trail 100, or lack there of, I decided to reassess my plans for future runs.
Only making it to the 37 mile mark of Mohican was a real disappointment. Should I go after another or be satisfied with my past 100 mile accomplishments.
What are my goals for the future? Well to be honest 100's are not on top my list, so what is? Getting 50 states and DC are my #1 goal. So it is time to keep the focus on states 42-50 plus DC.
So that's the plan and once it is achieved it may be time to look at other goals for the future.
I will begin my 12 week marathon training on Sunday, July 5. The fall marathon I am preparing for is the Clarence DeMar Marathon in Keene, New Hampshire (#42).

So for some near term races I will do a couple of 5 k's and a 1/2 marathon:
7/18 - Run through the Pines 5 km cross country
8/15 - Canalway Classic 5 km
9/12 or 13 - Find a 1/2 marathon
9/27 - Clarence DeMar Marathon
11/15 - RI6hour Ultra (#43).

My weeks after Mohican have been maintenance or 5/5/3/3/8/5/off or 31 miles/week.
Next week things will gear up with two tempo or greater workouts.
Sun. - 5
Mon. - 5
Tues. - 2+(5X800)+2
Wed. - 5
Thurs. - 7(3@tempo pace)
Fri. - 5
Sat.- off

Let the fun begin....................................

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

No Bone Showin, Just a Big Fat DNF..........

Mohican Trail 100-Saturday-June 20, 2009.
I got up at 3:45 AM, dressed, ate and headed down to Mohican Wilderness Campground for the start of the Mohican Trail 100. The excitement and the charge in the air with 200 runners milling around for the start of the races.
It was already 78 degrees with very high humidity.
The race started promptly late and after 5:00 AM.
Off we went running into the dark abyss. I chatted and ran with several friends over the first four miles. Terri Lemke who was 2 nd female and Mark Carrol, made it to 80 miles. At the 1st aide station I was 2 minutes off. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, must be the humidity. Got to Rock point (10 miles) and was 4 minutes off. I thought I was running well and should have been ahead of my goal at this point. Now the trails begin. I ran the 1st portion fast as I knew it was good downhill. Before long a started to get severe back spasms. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
Made it to South Park and the to the Fire Tower and the Covered Bridge. Way behind schedule.
My back was really hurting, but I knew I needed to get through the tough purple loop. This loop has very steep climbs, rocky, and many roots. I decided to walk much of this portion to give my back a break.
Got beyond 2 1/2 miles when I noticed a group of 7 runners pausing and then going to the left. The course goes to the right. When I got down there I told them the course goes to the right and one runner said are you sure. I said I laid out the course so I am going right and they proceeded to follow me. There were no markings at all through this section. Even worse was at the bottom of the hill before Big Lyons Falls. A horse trail crosses over our trail so the inclination would be to go right. This would be bad as it takes you the Bridle Staging Area, skipping 20 miles.
We all went straight. I know the only markings that were put there was lime. The heavy rains during the night washed the lime away. When we got back to the Covered Bridge I told the Aid Station Captain.
I then got my drop bag and proceeded to reload for the orange loop.
While preparing, Zack Tuggle appeared and told me he was at Butler 5km and Bryan Derr had won. Well this picked up my spirits. So off to the orange loop. My back was still hurting, causing me to slow. I got to the Hickory Ridge Aid Station where the Mansfield Y Running Club were manning. It was good to see many friends out there helping. I thought about dropping at this point, but decided to push on in hopes of the back spasms going away.
During to push to the Grist Mill, Charlie Danielson caught up with me. Charlie finished the 1st Mohican in 1990, I started but dnf'ed. We were the only two originals running on the day.
Charlie and I reminisced and told stories about other experiences. It was a fun time.
However, my problem was still with me and if relief did not come before the Grist Mill, I was dropping.
I told Charlie I would be dropping, but my wife who was waiting for me most likely would not give me a ride home. She said if I dnf'ed, no ride home.
Charlie said his day was done also. I told him she would give him a ride to the start/finish, but probably not me. Charlie said he would return for me and take me home.
A miracle, Betty did take me home after Charlie got to Mohican Wilderness.
37 Miles for the Day.

I have had back spasms 3-times this past winter. Early in the tough Mohican 'Forget the PR 50 km', two long training runs in Mohican. However, I have run several races in between these runs with no problems. My conclusion is the back spasms are caused by the fast downhill running I normally do. Mohican with much steeper hills must cause the problem. Or is it something else?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

41st - Nebraska

6:30 AM Somewhere south of Valentine, Nebraska the start of the 3rd Annual Sandhills Marathon begins. My goal was to complete the marathon for the new state and finish between 3:15-3:30.
One out of two ain't bad.
The morning actually started with the alarm going off at 3:50 AM. Getting prepared with some food, dress, and out the door to meet the cars going to the finish. They were leaving from another hotel at 5:00 AM. Left with the caravan to the finish line some 40 miles away. Once parking the car, got into the shuttle for the starting line.
A shot gun was fired and the 18-19 marathon runners were off.
Since I did not train to run a fast marathon, I felt slow was in order. A group of runners from the prerace meal the night before planned to go for a 4:15 marathon, so I was going to run with them.
After 3 miles I needed to use one of the porta pots on the roving trailer and sure enough it was sitting along the road at mile four. I took a good healthy dump, which did not occur a few hours earlier. Relief and out the door I went. Well the group I was with were gone and some other runners were now in front of me.
From this point on it was me and only me.
The course goes down this road of 25.6 miles and takes a side road to Brownlee, a small (really small) community. The road is single lane so if a vehicle goes by it basically go off the side of the road so not to run over us.
So I'm running along maintaining an acceptable pace when mile 10 comes along. A hill, big one!
It goes all the way to 13.1 miles. Wow! Now I expected some small hills as the maraTHON IS NAMED sANDHILL. This one went on forever. Oh well stop complaining, Don.
After the 1/2 marathon I started to slow slightly, but continued onward.
The sun was out and the skies were clear, but not hot. I plugged along to the Brownlee side trip.
Coming back from the turn around I saw my nearest competion. I little to close. I picked up the pace with 5 miles to go. When I got to 25 miles I noticed a runner ahead of me who was doing some walking. He was probably a 1/2 mile ahead. So I focused on him and pushed to the finish line. I almost got him, but just a little to much separation. My time was 4:39:19.
This is a nice, well run marathon. The weather was great and the day on whole was gratifying.
Nebraska, number 41.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Poised in the Sandhills

I am currently sitting in downtown Valentine, Nebraska awaiting tomorrows start of the Sandhills Marathon.
The race actually starts somewhere else, but we will caravan to the finish at 5 AM. Leave our vehicles there and shuttle to the start. The start is at 6:30 AM.
This marathon is a small field with lot's of nice touches, making everyone welcomed.
The pre-race meal was great (spaghetti, salad, bread, cookies, and drink).
Getting up early in the morning will be the greatest challenge. I am looking forward to getting state number 41 in the books.
I will let you know how it went tomorrow.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mansfiled Y Running Club

Sunday morning I finally met up the Mansfield Y Running Club. Eight o'clock sharp a group of
10-12 took off for a run around the Woodland loop. There are several variations of the loop, varying form 6 to 7 miles plus.
I ran the whole distance with Bob S., club creator and editor of the club newsletter.
It was a cool morning perfect for running with clear skies and a stiff breeze.
We ran about 5.8 miles. Always enjoy the friendship these groups have and the many things we can relate to.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Day for a Trail Run

What a day, 70's, sun, and a breeze. This is like heaven so why not do a trail run.
Of course Mohican is the destination and the orange loop plus is the trails.
My wife packed a lunch for when we finished, so she went for a long walk and I headed to the trails.
We actually did the run/walk around noon to avoid the mountain bike race of 100 miles.
So off I went heading to the covered bridge and about two miles in I ran into Mike K. who with his group are walking 24 hours of trails. He said all was well and we continued in opposite directions on our journey.
Today I was trying to mimic my race plans for Mohican Trail 100. So pace was everything and not being a speed demon even though the desire was there with such a nice day. Made it to the covered bridge under planned time, so eased up and headed onto the bike trail. I did force myself to walk some in the next 4 mile section. After three miles I heard these voices from behind me. It could not be mountain bikes as the course is in one direction at that point. It also seemed take a long time for them to get closer. But finally I heard a comment and a familiar voice. Sure enough it was some well known runners in the Mohican area. Regis Shivers Jr., Gabe Rainwater, and one other. We rain for 3 miles together discussing Mohican 100 and MMT 100. After three miles I realized I was running much faster than planned and let them slip away.

With 4 miles to go I noticed mountain bikers and signs directing them in the same direction I would be running. So the 100 bike race was upon me. Only they were going the same way as me.
Mountain bikes can be very quiet and heading down a steep hill can be treacherous.
So I kept looking over my shoulder and running fast when no bike was in sight and stopped when they flew by.

I did finish well under the pace I had planned, but circunstances had some to do with that.
In the morning I plan to run with the Mansfield Running Club from the YMCA.

Time to get some needed sleep.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pineland Farms 50 Mile Race

May 24, 2009 at 6 AM in New Gloucester, Maine I toed the line for the Pineland Farm 50 Mile Race. There were 84 on the line for the 50 miler of which 76 finished. I finished 70th in 10:58:45.
Also, but not that spectacular I was 2nd in my age group.

The Plan:
The race plan was to run this race as a training run for Mohican Trail 100 and not a full out race.
The first 20 miles was to be run at 5 mph pace and the remaining 30 miles at 12-15 minute miles. This meant I had to hold back and force myself to maintain a slower pace than I would have if racing.
I am hoping this will help me for Mohican.
I was under four hours for the first 20 miles, goal met.
The remaining miles averaged at 13:35 miles. This was a little faster overall then I wanted, but goal met.

The Trip:
Rob Powell came over to my house on Friday night to sleep over as we had a 7 A.M. flight out of Akron-Canton Airport. Rob has a major sciatica problem and it was quite noticeable on Friday night, as well as Saturday morning. He could barely get around and could not drive. Sitting was unbearable. We did make it to Portland, Maine with Rob taking many resting pauses as needed.
I felt there was no way he could run a 50 mile race on Sunday.
We did are packet pickup, ate at Olive Garden and checked into the Clarion Hotel. Rob laid on his back from that point on and through the night.
Sunday, race morning, we got up and Rob felt it was unlikely he could race. No lie......
Rob drove me to New Gloucester, Maine at Pineland Farms. Waited for the race to start and was heading back to the hotel for rest. He was coming back to see me finish after 10 hours.
I am not going to tell you what Rob did, you must read his blog to see the rest of this story.

My Race:
At 6 A.M. the race took off to run the first loop of 3.5 miles. Remember I am to run this at 10 minute miles. This location is beautiful setting with wide trails traveling through woods and fields around this stately farm. The central portion of the race looks like an Ivy League College Campus. Just an unbelievable setting.
I finished the 3.5 miles in 34:30, so pretty much on.
Now begins the three 25km loops. Every 5 km is marked making pacing an easy measure.
First time through no problem running around 12:30 pace, slightly faster than wanted.
Second loop, the 25 km race began and these fast runners were flying by like a 5km race.
This actually motivated me and I felt like running with some for short spurts, or at least till the hill were going up. Completed the second loop with 13:45 minute miles.
Now the third time through the start/finish line where large group of runners (25km/50km) were eating, drinking free beer, and celebrating and I had to proceed on for another 25 km. Now that is true mental preparation for a 100 mile race.
The final loop saw the skies clear and the sun in it's full glory. It did feel warmer. Now the only other runners you saw were the ones passing you in the 50 mile race or the ones you were passing. The plan was holding with 14:25 per mile pace and meeting the goal. I felt I could do this all day, which I will have to at Mohican.
On On.....I finished. Met my goals, talked to Seth and his girlfriend Francis from CT. Ran with Seth a year ago at Lake Waramaug 50 km. He is planning on doing Vermont 100.
Ate and drank beer with Rob, and Greg from Ohio.
Interesting story Rob had tell about his 50 KM race.

Achieved state number 40 towards the 50 States Club (Marathon or greater).
Now Mohican Trail 100 is awaiting.
Anyone wanting a well run race in a beautiful setting in Maine, this is a must do!

Monday, May 4, 2009

No Rhyme Nor Reason

I find boring repetition a means of preparing myself for long run such as 100 milers.
So this week my goal is to run a 10 mile run every day until Sunday. On Sunday I will run a 25 miler. I don't know why but these kind of runs play with the mind and that is exactly what a 100 miler does. So it works for me. Let the fun begin.
Sunday 10 miles on Kokosing Gap Trail and today 10 miles in Mohican mostly trail.

Race plans:
5/24 Pineland 50 mile, Maine
5/30 No Frills Just Hills 6 hr., CVNP, OH
6/13 Sandhills Marathon, NE
6/20 Mohican Trail 100, OH
9/24 Clarence Demar Marathon, NH
11/16 Warwick 6 hr., RI

Thursday, April 30, 2009

10 More Miles......

Today was the last day for me to get in 40 miles for the 10 More Miles challenge. I did not do it today so I am out of the challenge. I would never have thought I would be undone by 40 mile run.
The challenge requires 10 miles for January and an additional 10 miles every month, so Feb. is 20, March is 30, and April 40 and so on till only one is left. That will not be me.

So I went out and ran 10 miles in Mohican as a conciliatory run and 10 more miles for the month.
My wife dropped me off at the Mohican Class A campground. I ran from there to the covered bridge and then to the dam. Had a good run going, then a downpour of rain began as I entered the Lyons Falls section (Purple). It rained hard and high winds all the way home.

So that's my end to April and running.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Forget the PR or I must be getting older!

Sunday, April 19 started the Forget the PR at Mohican in what was a perfect day for a trail run.
Had my plan, put in adequate training, and was ready to go.
Rob Powell did an outstanding job organizing this event. Everything from the runners perspective was great. Volunteers where there to provide the assistance every runner needed to get the job done.
Every runner who toed the lined, finished.
So congratulation to all the runners who had an opportunity to experience a taste of Mohican.
Many thanks to all the volunteers who where there to help me have a great experience. And Rob Powell who took a chance by putting a race on for others.

Now for my race: I had set a goal of 6:15 for my race. This was based on my performance at Fools 50 Km two weeks earlier. I had ran the first 25 KM at the pace I had hoped for this entire race. The second 25 km was at my Mohican Trail 100 pace. My finish time was 6:47.
I know Mohican 'Forget the PR' was a tougher course, but figured I was up to the challenge.

From the start with all the girls screaming at us (memories from my high school days) to the first aid station at Hickory Ridge, I ran conservatively due to the two mile up hill and still got the the aid station ahead of schedule. By the way Mike and crew did a great job of 'Wizard from Oz'.
From Hickory Ridge to the Covered Bridge, I knew the course had more downhill, so I pushed the pace. I got to the Covered Bridge on schedule. The Mansfield Running Club, which I belong,
did a great job trying to make use think we were in some south pacific location but no sun. It was nice to see so many cheerful smiling faces.
The next section was going to be very technical and lots of elevation ascent to the Lodge. I did falter a little in this section getting to the Lodge aid station 9 minutes behind schedule. No concern much runable trail was ahead. From the Lodge to the Covered Bridge, I started to get back spasms. This in all my years running was a first. They were painful causing me lose what little running form I had. I did push on and it seemed where there were downhills my back would spasm more. I made it to the covered bridge losing more time and figured that my goal time was now gone, especially with the Covered Bridge to the Fire Tower section ahead (11 miles to go). This section was pretty much ascent all the way to the fire tower. This section was my greatest loss of time. Even though it was a beautiful section, it was slow going for me. I made the tower being 30 minutes over my goal time and with 8.5 miles to go, not much chance of making up that much time.
Kim 'The Trail Goddess' was captain at the fire tower aid station. She and her crew did a wonderful job and she even gave me drugs for my back (No not that kind!!!!). Kim did tell all the runners at the aid station I had something to do with the course at which time I was attacked. Due to the many punches I took in the back or the Nsaids, my back was starting to feel better.

Now back to the covered bridge via 4.5 miles of trail mostly descent. This was a good section for me. And was I happy to see the Mansfield Running Club once more before heading to the finish line. This journey was along the flattest 3 miles of the course. However the race director and only the race director can take credit for the final 1.25 miles. 300 feet of steep ascent took place at the beginning of this last 1.25 miles. Cruel and sadistic were my thoughts, and I have been know to do some of this stuff in my cross country workouts.
But at last the finish line and the conclusion of a beautiful day. 6:56:01----80 th place/128.
Nice belt buckle for my achievement and friendly faces at the finish. Again may thanks for a nice race and day.

I did go back out on the course for 1.5 miles to meet a good friend and pace her in to the finish. She just inspired me when I heard she was still running. Ruta Mazellis, director of the former 'Dan Rossi 100' stayed at my house the night before and told me her training was pretty much not. But she wanted to at least participate and get to the covered bridge the first time. I saw her heading to the Lodge on an out and back section. She was doing great and look well. I told her with 13 miles in she should finish it out. While sitting at the finish line I ask Rob Powell if Ruta had dropped.
He told me no one had drop. He called up to the fire tower and asked Kim if Ruta had gone through her aid station. She had. So back out I went and Ruta finished with a fine time.
Congratulations Ruta.....................................

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Running in the Rain.

This morning I went out for a nice 8 mile run. Perfect weather for ducks. Raining and windy.
But I needed to prove I could taper for the big run on Sunday - Forget the PR 50 KM at Mohican.
So I went and ran an easy 8. Felt great with the rain falling and the need to stay warm made me push just a little harder then I had planned, but hey it was great and I had a good time and run. So be it!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Fools 50 KM Trail Race

April 5; I got up at 4 AM to pick up Rob Powell and Michelle 'Speed Demon' Bichsel at Walmart in Ashland. Got them at 5:30 AM and we head for the start at Pine Hollow in CVNP.
Nice to be there early as we had a prim o parking spot.
The excitement was in the air as well as a cool 31 degrees on a clear morning.
Approximately 200 runners toed the line as both the 25 KM and 50 Km races started at 7:30 AM.
My plan for the day was to run the first 25 KM at the pace I wanted for 'Forget the PR 50 Km' in two weeks (2:57/25k) and the pace for the Mohican Trail 100 (3:55/25k). I was doing pretty well through the 1st 25 k hitting all my time goals at each aid station. The 2nd 25k was better with slightly better splits through the aid stations. I thought I would have a race at the end as I had one runner on my rear and one just ahead of me. The one ahead had passed me a mile earlier, so I was determined to get him back. I pushed the last 3/4 miles and got ahead of both runners who were still close. So I pushed real hard to get an advantage going into the finish line. After crossing the finish, I turned to see who was behind me. No one for some time....Wowwww!
6:46:59 unofficial.
Michelle decided to do the 25k from the get go. Good choice on her part as Boston Marathon will be in two weeks. She did place 3rd overall and 1st female. Congrats Michelle!!!!
Rob was to do 50k, but bowed out at 25k. Now it was hard to see both of them lounging around at the start/finish line while I had to push through for another lap. It did cost Rob a beer at the Winking Lizard after said race.
While at the winking lizard much conversation was had. Some bolstering, some on the qualities of beer, and much gossip. I did not participate much in the later.
Nick was nice enough to bring a bottle of his current brewing. I can't wait to give it a try. I'm sure it is great. Many thanks Nick and it was nice to see you at the Fools.............................

Friday, April 3, 2009

8.4, Busy, Busy, Busy

Thursday I ran 8.4 miles from the Loudonville High School to Mohican State Park Class A into the cabin area. With the return trip it was 8.4 miles. Nice run on a beautiful day-68, sun, and ample amount of wind.
Sorry for not keeping you all up to date on my running trials and tribulations, but it is either blogging to let you know how I am doing or doing it.
Visits to the doctors, track and training have me running ragged. And guess what the grass is growing, so one more thing going on the list.
So keep trucking out there and all will fall in line.

Sunday Fools 50 KM. Plan is to run the 1st 25 KM fast and trudge the last 25 km. This will be a training run.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Did You Miss Me?

Well here I am. It is hard to believe that I can get so busy I have to decide whether to Blog or chat we the wife.
That's where I have been. My training while slightly wavering at times is pretty much on schedule.
Indoor track season ended last Saturday at the State meet at Akron University. I had two boys make the dance. Bryan Derr (10th grade) in the 800, running for 5th place with a time of 2:01.98 and Mack Taylor (11th grade) in the Weight throw with a toss of 46 feet 4.5 inches for 11th place.
Not too bad....................
Of course outdoor track has been in progress since March 9th.
As for the rest of my time it just flies bye.

Today I ran 8 miles of road.
I have been keeping my schedule so my mileage has been around 50 miles per week.
Two trail runs for training for the Forget the PR 50 km this weekend (15.05 & 23.?? miles).
So there you have it.

Actually, I figured I better put up a post since someone might take my blog away if I don't keep it up to date. I know this has happen in at least one situation. Josh 'The Pickle' Dillingham has been AWOL for some time. Recently, someone has been putting posts on his blog using his name.
However, look closely at the photos of this person. He looks like some mountain man whose been in the wilderness for years, obviously, not Josh who is a recent graduate of college, very clean cut and respectable.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Covered Bridge FA 50 KM

6 AM at the Old Log Cabin in Mill Creek Park, Youngstown, Ohio; met a hardy group of runners for the start of the run. There was an 8 AM start which we planned on returning to go out with them.
It was a foggy 55 as we took off. Within two minutes it was pouring rain with thunder and lightning. I can remember all of us on a steel staircase within the 1s half mile of the run, when a big flash of lightning and a thunderous boom occurred. We moved rather quickly up those stairs.
The trails were clear of snow and ice, but due the the rain were becoming muddy and soaked pretty quickly.
Once at the Monkey Trail it was a slip and slide going up and sliding down in the mud. Once at the Covered Bridge by Laterman Falls we returned via trails along the west side of Mill Creek.
Once back at the log cabin we waited about ten minutes for the 8 AM group, then took off again following the loop back to the covered bridge via the Monkey Trail. At the covered bridge we had to run the Newport lake section twice (about 4 miles each time). The trails in this section are easier running but many sections were under water. The second time through I ran into one large deer. It was big and did not seem to concerned about getting out of my way. After taking a good sniff in my direction, he decided to yield. On I went.
Upon returning to the covered bridge, I continued on the west side trails to the old log cabin.
I ran about twenty mile pretty much on my own, occasionally seeing runners on the eastern shore.
At the old log cabin I prepared to go out for my last short loop. Headed out with temperatures now at 70 and foggy, but no more rain. The Monkey Trail was rather difficult to negotiate this time around. I took another spectacular spill in the mud and leaves for number 4 for the day.
Chugged up to the covered bridge and continued along the west trails back to the old log cabin.
I was tried and ready for the run to be done for the day. Finished in 7:43:28.
Got the chance to run on my birthday number 59.....................................

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Covered Bridge FA 50 KM Fun Run

Saturday is the 50 km fun run at Millcreek Park in Youngstown. I played there as a youngster and now I will play there as an oldster.
I am looking forward to the run. It should be fun and the nicer temperatures will be a bonus.
Plus there will be a few people there I know.

I have been keeping my training up, it is just life getting in the way to post. I now have Indoor track as well as outdoor track going on. Life goes on.
Today I ran 8 mile at Mohican.........nice!
Yesterday was mile repeats at the Wooster indoor track and actually hit my goal times. It's nice not being sick.

More after the 50 km.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tempo Run

This weather is driving me nuts. It's cold again and snowing. The snow is not accumulating thank goodness.
Today's run was 4.5 miles at temp pace or 153 Heart rate. I ranged from 144 to 163. I felt comfortable. With the warm up and cool down I had 6.67 miles. It was all done at the Wooster indoor track. Very nice temperatures there.
Tomorrow it will be cold with lows at 18 degrees. So the 3rd Forget the PR familiarization run should be like a normal run this winter. 23.75 miles...............................8 AM

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

400's at Wooster

Went up to Wooster indoor track to do 2 mile warm up, 8 X 400's at 85% MHR, and a 2 mile cool down.
Now this work out hurt, but I was under my target times. My average was 1:43.
Total miles for the day: 6.37.
Thanks Michelle for the use of the image.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

'FORGET THE PR' Familiarization Run #2

8:00 AM the group running the 2nd familiarization run met at the covered bridge. The group included: Terri Lemke; Rob Powell; Mike Patton; Wayne ?, from Mansfiled Running Club (Sorry Wayne forgot your last name); Michelle Bichsel, and me.
We started from the covered bridge and headed to Little Lyons Falls. The trails were snow covered and very runnable. From the falls to the dam and up the big ass hill to the trail to the lodge.
At this point everyone left me in the snow dust and flew up the big ass hill. I was not concerned since I knew the course. I ran to the lodge, but did not see the others so they were in the loop by the lodge. This meant I was not too far behind them.
From the lodge via the Big Lyons Falls to the covered bridge.
After getting a little aid from my car I headed onward to the fire tower. I did not see the others, but heard them. I was probably 1 mile from the tower and that would put them about 1/2 mile on the other side of the tower. Or 1 1/2 miles ahead of me.
From the tower I headed to the bike trail and ran the next 4 miles on the bike trail to the covered bridge. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll over 3 hours for the 15.17 miles. Still not breathing well since being sick which slowed me some.
When I got back at the covered bridge all were gone. Michelle's car was there so she was probably running an extra 10 to 20 miles.
Glad it's done, wish I was feeling better.

Friday, February 20, 2009

200 Repeats

I have been sick for the last week battling the sinus, upper respiratory crud.
I have put off this workout since Tuesday, but decided it was time to see how I am doing.
One mile warm up, then 8X200 at 40 seconds.
I had great speed through 2/3 of the interval, but lacked oxygen from there on. It was like running using one lung. The lung that was working burnt.
So the average for the 8x200's were 42.8. Oh well I still got them in at a respectable time.
Finished up with another mile cool down.

Tomorrow will be the second 'Forget the PR' familiarization run. 15.05 miles.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Elongated Run

Last night I received a call from Mike Keller letting me know he would be interested in running Mohican today. I told him my plans for 8 miles and he thought that would be great.
We started at the starting line for the 'Forget the PR 50 km' in Mohican S.P..
From there we ran to the trails in howling winds and no visibility towards the trail to the covered bridge. Ran 4 miles in new snow along the Clearfork of the Mohican River. It was beautiful, but cold being 20 degrees. Once at the covered bridge we were to head back to the start, but Mike wanted to elongate and not truncate the run. So we fast paced to the fire tower (2.5 miles).
Once at the tower Mike braves the elements and in the Art Moore tradition, climbs the tower.
Upon returning to terrafirma we headed to the covered bridge and then ran back to the start.
Nice adventure, plus added an additional 5 miles on the day for 13 miles, Mike gets 13.1.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hacker 5

Ran on the B+O Trail out of Butler, Ohio. Ran 2.5 miles out and of course had to return.
The run was nice with a stiff breeze. I did a lot of hacking as I must be getting some type of bug. It seems it is in my right chest. Tomorrows workout will be the true teller of pain. I will be doing 200 meter repeats. Then we will see if I cough out a lung.
Also, did my ab workout. Abs on Mon, Wed.,& Friday. Weight workout on Tues. & Thursdays.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

'Forget the PR' Familiarization Run #1

Today I was meeting up with runners doing the first, yes the very first, 'Forget the PR' familiarization run #1. It would be 15.45 miles. I also needed to get a 20 miler in for the 10 more mile challenge. So I decided to be down at Mohican at 7:00 am to get an initial 5 miles in before the other runners showed up. I did and got back in time to have a glossy taken of the group and off we went for another 15.45 miles.
The others that were there today included Terri Lemke, I coached a couple of her sons in track and one in cross country. Rob 'Race Director ' Powell, Michelle 'the rocket' Bichsel, Dan Bellinger, and Ron Dukes.
We started at the Pavilion at the Class A campground, Mohican S.P.. We proceeded north to the Mountain Bike Trail and followed it to Hickory Ridge. There were lots of trees down on the trail.
We all made it to hickory ridge and from there the group took off and left me in the dust to run all by my lonesome. I ran on the the covered bridge where the #2 aide station will be during the race.
I waited to see if Ron Dukes would appear and I would run with him to the pavilion. After 5 minutes I decided to move on along the river for the last 4.25 miles. It is always so beautiful running through this section of trail. Once back at the cabin area the trail follows the 'North Rim Hiking Trail' for one mile, then plunges down to the class A check in for a 0.25 mile to the finish.
It was a rather slow run for me probably due in some part to the trees down on the trail.
Ten minutes after I was done, Ron Dukes finished.
All in all a nice run.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Four Mile Tempo Run

Friday went to Wooster indoor track to do a 4 mile tempo run. Usually I like to have 2 miles easy, 4 miles at tempo, and finish with 2 miles easy, however time was a problem today so it was 1 mile on the front easy and 1 mile on the back easy.
My max heart rate is tested at 192. That's great for a 58 year old(pretty dam close to 59).
So 80-85% should be around 153 bpm. I range from the beginning at 145 and finished at 159.
So it went pretty well. Felt great. My average for tempo pace was 9:19. That sound off even for me. Two years ago that mile pace was 8:15.
So not overly upset, I know I'm off my game plan slightly.

Looking forward to the Sunday familiarization run for "FORGET THE PR" Mohican 50 km at 8am.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Indoor 800 Workout

Wednesday I completed a workout at the Wooster Indoor Track.
The workout was one of two focus workouts for the week.
2 mile warm up.
5X800 meters @ 3:50 or better
2 mile cool down

The 800's went well ranging from 3:38 to 3:50 for 3:44 average.
Ran a total of 6.59 miles.

Mon.: 5 miles
Tues.: Off
Wed.: 6.59 miles
Thurs.: 8 miles planned
Fri.: 2+4Tempo+2 = 8 miles planned
Sat.: 5 miles planned
Sun.: 20 miles planned

Monday, February 9, 2009

Running Week in Review

I was going to keep up with daily blogs on my running last week, but look I didn't.
So here's Feb. 2 through Feb. 8 in summary: 37.5 miles.
Mon, Wed., & Friday did an ab workout. Tues & Thursday completed a weight workout.

Mon: Wooster indoor track. 2 mile warm up with 6X200m @ 41.7. Followed by 2 mile cool down.
Tuesday: 5 mile run in Loudonville with indoor track team.
Wed. & Thurs: Bad boy with no run.
Fri.: Wooster indoor track. 2 mile warm up with 3X1 mile @ 8:02. Followed by 2 mile cool down.
Yes I am out of shape. The miles were to be at 7:45.
Sat.: Ran with Rob Powell for 12 miles in Mohican. Lots of snow and ice on the ground. Did meet up with Kim, Wendy, Gabe, Regis, and Mike. They did their run the hard way by breaking
trail in deep snow. It was a trudge fest.
Sun.: Ran 10 miles on road in Lexington with Rob and Michell. Did run some with Scott and Leslie.

Today, Monday I did run 5 miles in Mohican with some on trails. I wanted to see if the snow had
gone away with clear trails. About 15% clear with the rest deep snow and ice. If it is 60
degrees tomorrow, then the snow should all go bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Blahs.

Just watch it snow. It's just peachy here in Ohio.
Tuesday ran 5 miles in Loudonville on the ice and snow.
Wednesday ran 3 mile on the dreaded treadmill. Was to take Betty out for her 50th birthday. Tomorrow will have to do.

Thursday: 8 miles or 2 miles+3 at tempo + 2 miles
Friday: All day at the OAT&CCC conference in Columbus.
Saturday: The one not done on Thursday.
Sunday: 10 miles early.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Quiet 5 in Mohican

3:00 pm ran at Mohican in snow and ice. It was real quiet with no one out and about, just me. Put a couple miles on the trail. My first day in the process of a 12 week plan for the 'Forget the PR', Mohican 50 KM. Tomorrow 8m miles..........

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sqeezed in three!

Ran down at Mohican only doing 3 miles today. It was a busy day, so 3 was fine. I start my serious training on Sunday. It's a 12 week program, so here we go!
Tomorrow is a high school indoor track meet at Ohio State. I hope to get another short run in after the meet.

I will soon be posting the 9 days for training runs on the 'Forget the PR' 50 km. Of course it will in no other than Mohican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

39th State, New Mexico

GHOST TOWN 38.5 RACE, Hillsboro, NM

January 18th I ran the Ghost Town 38.5 mile race in New Mexico. I have been to the area three times in my life on vacations and always thought the area was a beautiful sight. So when I saw the race listed in Ultrarunning several years ago, I was determined to make it my New Mexico state race.
The race starts and finishes at Susan the race director's home. The hospitality was great as well as the pre race meal held at the Community Center or old high school.
The building was restored and very nice facility.
Betty, my wife and I drove down to NM. It took three days but was a nice trip. This is the greatest distance I want to drive in the future. I must be getting old.

Rob Powell flew down on Saturday night and crashed at my digs in Truth or Consequences. He arrived at 11:45 PM and we got up to head to Hillsboro at 4:30 AM on Sunday. I told Rob I drove the first 6.3 miles the day before and found it to be rolling with some ups and downs. I don't know what I had been smoking when I checked it out, since the first 6.3 miles only goes one direction and that is up!

We arrived at the race start and Rob spent time sucking up to the RD while I meditated on the up coming start.

The race started at 6 AM in the dark with 25 degrees and quite windy. In fact the wind was blowing in our faces for the first 6.3 miles.
We were off and I saw Rob disappear into the distance and would not see him for at leat two hours on an out and back section.
The first portion of the race gained from 5,500 feet to 7,000 feet of elevation. I did notice the altitude and thought this will be an interesting day.
Now first, I was not well trained for this race. Knew altituted would be a factor.
And had excess weight on the old chasis. But hey it was beautiful course and what a setting.
Now I could desribe every little complaint that I had during the race, but who doesn't have them.
My race was more of a survival trudge, as the course was rocky and rough in places and I made a mistake in the trail shoes I wore causing much pain.
I did finish in 51st place out of 72 in a time of 9:02:13.
I did meet Greg Murray a member of NEO Trail Runners as well as his brother, Brian. Brian is from New Mexico.
There were a total of five Ohio runners:
Rob Powell, Robert Kazar, Greg Murray , Melissa Johnson, and of course me. The temperature did get up to 58 degrees and sunny. What a day. I say let the photos tell the story. Now to get ready for 'Forget the PR', Mohican 50 KM; a Mohican Trail 100 sampler.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ghost Town 38.5 -- Quickie!

Ok, here's the fast and dirty version until I get back home to do the long drawn out edition.
Beautiful location.
Hard ass course.
Suffered much! Due to lack of training, altitude, and wrong footwear.
State #39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo has the 5-Ohio runners: Rob Powell, Robert Kazar, Greg Murray, Melissa Johnson, and me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Truth or Consequences

Friday I arrive at TOC, NM and went for a quick 5 mile run from the hotel we are staying at.
I headed west into the desert on what turned out to be gravel roads. The temperature was 63 degrees and sunny. Had a nice run. Saw no wildlife, even with a sign warning to watchout for rattlesnakes.
I will take Saturday off since no benefit will be had for the race on Sunday. Rest will be more benefit.
I did notice on my run Friday the higher altitude (5,000'+) than
I'm usually accustomed (900-1,300').
I will report my race on Sunday, I know all will be on pins and needles to hear all about the adventure.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did the Treadmill 3 Mile.

With the strong winds, snow and ice my 10 miler went down the drain. But not to worry as I don't want to be tired for next Sunday, I ran 3 miles on my treadmill. Yes, I know exciting.
Now, tomorrow I hope to start my travels to New Mexico. Well let's hope things aren't to bad in the morning.

Oh yes if my drive is not toooooooooooooo long to my destination tomorrow, I will let you know how the day went via laptop.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Run Run Run New Mexico here I come.

I'm chomping at the bit to get on the road and down to New Mexico to run the Ghost Town 38.5 mile run. But I have been finishing off the training so I can survive the run.
Sunday I ran 17 miles in Mohican with Rob Powell, Michelle Bichsel, and Nick. Check out their blogs for all the good stories. All you get here today is a photo thanks to Nick, our run photographer. It was a neat run with much untouched trail. until we went through.

Today I ran another 5 miles on snow, Mohican. It's January in Ohio, what does one expect.
So there you have it

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Two in a Row.

Yep, two blogs in a row. Now if I can keep the streak going that will be great.

Today's run was 3 miles on the treadmill. I think it would have been fine outside, but I will save it for tomorrow--20 miles on snowy trails.

Ghost Town 38.5 miles in New Mexico is in 1 week. Let the adventure begin...................................

Friday, January 9, 2009

Running in the Snow, Running in the Snow, oh what...

Drove to the B+O Trail at Butler around 2:30 PM today to do a 10 miler. It was starting to snow fairly hard as I began, but needed to get this 10 miles completed. As I ran the snow continued to accumulate but I had the correct shoes on for the conditions and the surroundings were so surreal.
Made it to Bellville and turned around at the 5 mile post. It kept snowing and I kept trudging.
With 3.5 miles to go a guy riding a bike pulled alongside me and low and behold it was Ryan O'Dell, race director for the Mohican Trail 100. He rode and I trudged for the remaining 3.5 miles talking away.
I actually ran much faster second half thanks to Ryan.
Now that was a fun run. Tomorrow if the snow continues as predicted I will use my Katoohlas.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ten Mile Trail Run

Today was supposed to be a 25 mile run. I bulked, so Sunday is now distance day.

I did go and run 10 miles at Mohican on trails. Had an enjoyable run. Tempts. were 37 and windy, but nice. Ran into two hikers. They were in shorts and made me feel quite overdressed. I was comfortable, so the young lady in shorts had to be chilled. I would have offered her my running pants, but her boyfriend may have objected. I know at that point I would have had a chilly run in my briefs.


My run counts to the first month and a ten mile run. I wish more people would enter this challenge.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let the New Year Begin

I am always impressed how many runners take the time on the first day of the year to review and plan their race plans for the new year.
I in fact always did that and tried my best to follow said plan.
Last year was a disaster for me running wise. The first race I ran was in Kansas, The Wyco Psycho 50 km trail race. Worst 50 km I ever ran. I was trained but conditions caused a dismal day.

Had an acceptable 50km race in Connecticut, the Lake Waramaug 50 km. Both Rob Powell and I drove over to CT. and did this race. It was a fun time. I should partner up more.

Had some unplanned family illness that consumed my time and caused me to abort my schedule as planned. I did attain 25,000 recorded miles. Small to some but mind boggling to me.
Currently coaching high school indoor track and will be coaching outdoor track this spring. My last year, freeing up some excellent races for 2010.
Will be coaching cross country in the fall and from then on as long as it remains fun.

Race Goals for 2009:
Jan-Dec. ten.....more....miles Challenge Where ever
Jan. 18 Ghost Town 38.5 mile race New Mexico
April 19 Forget the PR 50 KM Mohican, Ohio
May 30 No Frills 6 hr. Ohio
June 20 Mohican Trail 100
Oct. 4 Portland Marathon Maine

Well this is a start as I am sure it will change over the year. Mohican is my focus race.

I did begin the year with a short run of 3 miles on the tread mill. Tomorrow I plan on 25 miles.

Happy New Years To All!