Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bigfoot 50K Trail Race

Ok I did it, I am all signed up for the BIGFOOT 50K at Salt Fork State Park near Cambridge.
The race is on December 5, 2010 with three 10.2 mile laps.  Also dodging deer slugs as it is hunting season.

Wednesday, I did my 3rd 10 miler in three days doing a tempo run with 7:50 miles.  Actually felt good.
Today I took off, I guess it was a day of rest. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Running in the Wind.

Wow, 67 degrees and the wind blowing it was time to do my 10 miler.  Changed from the tempo 10 to the trail 10 due to the high winds.
The trails were abandoned so I had them all to myself.  Ran the North Rim Trail in Mohican to the Mountain Bike Trails.  The direction I went meant the updhills were numerous in the 1st 5 miles.
The trees were swaying and the leaves were falling to the ground making it difficult to see the trail.
 My legs were tired from yesterday and when I finished this run, they were screaming.
 Anyhow, the 10.1 miles was done with the 2nd 5 miles faster than the 1st 5 miles.
I don't know how many more nice days we are going to have left but do hope for a few more.
 Tomorrow will be the tempo paced 10 miler...........
Betty walked 4 miles today, job well done.

Monday, October 25, 2010

3days, 10 miles.

Today I started week #2 main workout:  3 days @ 10 miles each day.
1st 10 was on road with a mile of trail.  Pushed the pace even though it seemed an effort.  It was very windy and rained about half the run.
Tomorrows 10 will be at tempo or faster pace for 8 miles.
Wednesday's 10 will be trail.

I did run 5.5 miles on trail Sunday.  What a beautiful day and probably won't see many more of those for a while.  The run was great and with nice weather I could not slack off.

Bryan Derr is the only runner I have left on cross country.  The boys team had 5th place at districts with the top 4 teams moving on.  Bryan will be running at 11:05 AM at Boardman High School this Saturday for D-III Region meet.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tempo Run - Thursday

10:30 AM, I went down to Mohican and did an 8 mile tempo run using the 1st mile to get the hear rate up and keeping it there for 6 miles and using the last mile to bring it down.
The day was perfect 47 with sun and some wind.  The 1st mile was road and the 2nd and 3rd was also road , but the next 4 were on trails.  Using trails makes one feel like they are flying while trying to keep the HR in tempo range.  The Max HR was 160 with the average at 153.  About right for a 60 year old.
All in all a great run completing the 3 daysX 8 miles for week #1.

Today I decided to take off, but will run 3 miles tomorrow.  On On1

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Begin 50 KM Training Plan

After the 5k on Sunday, my plan is to begin training for the Bigfoot 50k Trail Race at Salt Fork State Park on December 4, 2010.
Here's the basic version of the plan:
Week 1: 3X8 miles (Road, Trail, Tempo) on three consecutive days.
Week 2:  3X10 miles (Same as above).
Week 3:  3X12 miles (Same as above).
Week 4:  3X15 miles (same as above).
Week 5:  3X18 miles (Same as above).
Week 6:  3X20 miles (Same as above).
Week 7:  Taper to race day (Not the Terri Lemke method).
Week 1 so far:  Monday ran 5 miles on road and trail at a good pace.  Felt great.
                        Tuesday ran  8.12 miles on road at a good pace, almost tempo.
                        Wednesday ran 8.7 miles of trails at Mohican.  Another good run.

I will take one day off this week, probably Saturday.  Exciting times, can't wait for Bigfoot.......

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

He lives!!!!!

Yes, I know, it has been a long long time but here I am back posting and hopefully I will continue to keep all up to date on my training and adventures.
So what have I been up to since my summer western adventure to get states.  Well I have been training and wanted to loose some unwanted pounds, so I started to watch my calorie intake and focus on a 5k race held locally in Loudonville....Mohican 5K.
Training went well and I thought I was in 22:30 shape for the 5k when all was said an done.  I also lost 15 pounds making for a lighter version on DON.
I ran the course three times prior to race day to get a good feel for the course  and figure what my strategy was going to be for race day.  So the course starts on a road and travels about a half mile to a paved bike path.  Get position before entering the narrow bike path and run a 7:20 pace through the whole race.  There are two small hills/upgrades around a half mile and 2.9 miles.  So how did things go............

Mohican 5k, Loudonville, Ohio
October 17, 2010
Got up at 6:30 AM and began my preparations for the race.  Drank two cups of coffee and ate bowl of oatmeal.  Got dressed.  It was a little chilly outside with temperatures in the low 40's, with no rain or wind.
Perfect weather for a race.
Headed to the registration area and picked up my race packet, chatted with a few friends and began my warm up routine.  Half mile run, form running and stretching.  Drank some more water, ate a GU and headed to the start line.  Travis Price, one of my cross country atheletes was there,  Don Conrad, Y Running Club member and numerous friends.
9:00 AM the race started promptly after a few words.  I do what I normally do in a 5 km, I went like hell with a 6 minute pace according to my garmin.  I held this for a couple of tenths of a mile and got into my race pace of 7:20.  I had good positon heading on to the bike path and it was not crowded.  Past a few more runners going in to the mile (7:15).  Heading to the turn around at Morris Motors, I was past and I past runners.
 Made the turn around and headed to the 2 mile mark with a time of 14:56 (7:41 mile).  Here's where I made my mistake, I got into a groove and followed another runner who was going what I thought was an acceptable pace.  A quarter of a mile later I looked at my garmin and saw I was traveling about 8:10 pace, dammmmm!
So I picked up the pace and went into low 7 minute pace again. 
While on the hill/upgrade at 2.9 miles a runner past me.  I hate when this happens, I really hate to have anyone pass me on the last mile.  And this guy had lots of gray hair.......he must be in my age group.  So we crested the hill and I exploded and sprinted into the finish.  Last mile was 7:41 and last one tenth was 0:38 all good for 23:20 (7:30 pace).
I got 29th overall out of 132.  1st in  the 60 plus age group.  The gray haired guy who passed me and I re passed got 2nd AG, 8 seconds behind me.  3rd AG was around 24:00.
All in all, quite pleased.  Only wished I had not taken a vacation around two miles.

Now what.  Time to train for a 50k trail race.  We begin today.  More later.........