Monday, October 25, 2010

3days, 10 miles.

Today I started week #2 main workout:  3 days @ 10 miles each day.
1st 10 was on road with a mile of trail.  Pushed the pace even though it seemed an effort.  It was very windy and rained about half the run.
Tomorrows 10 will be at tempo or faster pace for 8 miles.
Wednesday's 10 will be trail.

I did run 5.5 miles on trail Sunday.  What a beautiful day and probably won't see many more of those for a while.  The run was great and with nice weather I could not slack off.

Bryan Derr is the only runner I have left on cross country.  The boys team had 5th place at districts with the top 4 teams moving on.  Bryan will be running at 11:05 AM at Boardman High School this Saturday for D-III Region meet.

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