Thursday, March 26, 2009

Did You Miss Me?

Well here I am. It is hard to believe that I can get so busy I have to decide whether to Blog or chat we the wife.
That's where I have been. My training while slightly wavering at times is pretty much on schedule.
Indoor track season ended last Saturday at the State meet at Akron University. I had two boys make the dance. Bryan Derr (10th grade) in the 800, running for 5th place with a time of 2:01.98 and Mack Taylor (11th grade) in the Weight throw with a toss of 46 feet 4.5 inches for 11th place.
Not too bad....................
Of course outdoor track has been in progress since March 9th.
As for the rest of my time it just flies bye.

Today I ran 8 miles of road.
I have been keeping my schedule so my mileage has been around 50 miles per week.
Two trail runs for training for the Forget the PR 50 km this weekend (15.05 & 23.?? miles).
So there you have it.

Actually, I figured I better put up a post since someone might take my blog away if I don't keep it up to date. I know this has happen in at least one situation. Josh 'The Pickle' Dillingham has been AWOL for some time. Recently, someone has been putting posts on his blog using his name.
However, look closely at the photos of this person. He looks like some mountain man whose been in the wilderness for years, obviously, not Josh who is a recent graduate of college, very clean cut and respectable.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Covered Bridge FA 50 KM

6 AM at the Old Log Cabin in Mill Creek Park, Youngstown, Ohio; met a hardy group of runners for the start of the run. There was an 8 AM start which we planned on returning to go out with them.
It was a foggy 55 as we took off. Within two minutes it was pouring rain with thunder and lightning. I can remember all of us on a steel staircase within the 1s half mile of the run, when a big flash of lightning and a thunderous boom occurred. We moved rather quickly up those stairs.
The trails were clear of snow and ice, but due the the rain were becoming muddy and soaked pretty quickly.
Once at the Monkey Trail it was a slip and slide going up and sliding down in the mud. Once at the Covered Bridge by Laterman Falls we returned via trails along the west side of Mill Creek.
Once back at the log cabin we waited about ten minutes for the 8 AM group, then took off again following the loop back to the covered bridge via the Monkey Trail. At the covered bridge we had to run the Newport lake section twice (about 4 miles each time). The trails in this section are easier running but many sections were under water. The second time through I ran into one large deer. It was big and did not seem to concerned about getting out of my way. After taking a good sniff in my direction, he decided to yield. On I went.
Upon returning to the covered bridge, I continued on the west side trails to the old log cabin.
I ran about twenty mile pretty much on my own, occasionally seeing runners on the eastern shore.
At the old log cabin I prepared to go out for my last short loop. Headed out with temperatures now at 70 and foggy, but no more rain. The Monkey Trail was rather difficult to negotiate this time around. I took another spectacular spill in the mud and leaves for number 4 for the day.
Chugged up to the covered bridge and continued along the west trails back to the old log cabin.
I was tried and ready for the run to be done for the day. Finished in 7:43:28.
Got the chance to run on my birthday number 59.....................................

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Covered Bridge FA 50 KM Fun Run

Saturday is the 50 km fun run at Millcreek Park in Youngstown. I played there as a youngster and now I will play there as an oldster.
I am looking forward to the run. It should be fun and the nicer temperatures will be a bonus.
Plus there will be a few people there I know.

I have been keeping my training up, it is just life getting in the way to post. I now have Indoor track as well as outdoor track going on. Life goes on.
Today I ran 8 mile at Mohican.........nice!
Yesterday was mile repeats at the Wooster indoor track and actually hit my goal times. It's nice not being sick.

More after the 50 km.