Sunday, October 25, 2009

Triple Mudman

Cross Country - Districts

First of all both my boys and girls cross country teams are moving on to the region meet next week. The boys placed 3rd and the girls tied for 5th with us losing out on the tie breaker, so sixth.
I was pleased my #4 girl who was out with flu all last week was able to toe the line with her team. She said to me she would not be at top form and may not hit her normal times. You got to love them. My response was 'all you have to do is be in front of our #5 girl and we should move on. She did and the team did. She can show her stuff next week. Bryan Derr was 2nd and Jace Wolford was 8th to qualify as individuals for the boys. Hadley Greer was 13th and Andi Van Sickle was 22nd to move on as individuals. So fun for the coach who gets to torture at least one more week.

Triple Mudman:
1st race (Saturday, 10/24): Night Time Time Trail on a tough 5 km course.
This was a neat race with runners taking off every 10 seconds. My goal was to run like crazy and hold off any runners trying to pass me. 4 passed me in the 1st mile and I passed 3 in the final
2.1. This was an exhilarating run in the dark with just a head lamp. Wow.
I am glad I ran the 6 hour race several weeks ago. It was the same 5 km course. There are some tough sections and turns. Knowing the course aloud me to prevent any face plants, as some did. No one was injured or died during this run. I came in 44th, time was 29:42.

2nd race (Sunday 9:30 AM, 10/25): Steeplechase on log strewn, hale bale obstacles, and mud pits, and even ropes strewn across the trail. Different 5 km course and very challenging. I decided to go after this 5 km and try to do well. I came in 39th, 32:54. Don't laugh at the time unless you went through the course.

3rd race (Sunday 11:00 AM, 10/25): 10 Km Cross Country race. The first mile and half were the most challenging as it was in pasture that was muddy and ankle twisting. They mowed it, but I think they should have left it alone. The rest was trail. My legs were tired, but I pushed until the 4th mile when my gas tank ran a little low causing me to walk up the hills. I did not wait for the results of this race or the outcome of the Triple Mudman. They will be posted on the site: Mudman tomorrow.
I recommend this race as it was fun, friendly, and challenging. Be brave, be a Mudman!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Districts and the Mudman Triple

Low and behold I am writing a blog after too long an absence.
I have been running and training for the upcoming Rhode Island 6 Hour Ultra to be held on November 15th. This will be my 43 rd state and I am looking forward to the event and format.

Districts are tomorrow for my cross country teams. While injuries and sickness have plagued the teams all season we are hopeful they both can make it to the next dance, Regional s at Boardman.
If only my 3rd runner boy wasn't injured (not running) and my 4th girl wasn't sick (running) and 5th girl not injured (running) we would obviously do much better. We still should make a strong showing either way.

Mudman Triple will be run on trails and whatever else they can find to make a sloppy day of it.
The races are run at Kenyon College at the BFEC Education Center and the Observatory.
Saturday night there will be a 5 KM Time Trial in the dark on hilly trails. Headlamp is required.
I hope I make it in time from the district meet to be held at Malone College.
Sunday morning are two races.
The 1st is a Steeplechase 5 km. More mud and water and trail.
2nd a 10 KM trail race.
Do all three and your a MUDMAN.....not MADMAN!
Will report on all of the above.

Also, I thought I would put up a photo just for the heck of it. Mansfield Y Running Club, enjoy.