Sunday, June 20, 2010

#46 Bighorn Mountain 50 KM, Wyoming

At 8:17 AM  the Bighorn Mountain 50 km race began.  It was daunting be out in the mountains with a portable village set up for the Dry Fork Aid Station.  The Dry Fork will be visited by the 100 mile race twice, the 50 mile race once, and the 50 km as a start and again as an aid station.
The day was cloudy and a nice 41 degrees at the start and only got better as the day went on.
At the start we were at 7,100 feet elevation and within three miles were at 8800'.  Lot's of snow at the higher elevation, but the views were spectacular.  Of course from the top we plummeted down the mountain to around 6,400' to the Kern's Cow Camp Aide Station at 9 miles.  This is the common point for all the races heading to the finish.
From here we headed back to the Dry Fork A.S. (14 miles) on a different trail.  From the Dry Fork we ran upward for several miles, then down to the Upper Sheep Creek at mile 19 (7420').   Note the wildflowers were in abundance.  Now the next A.S. is at 5,025' and 24 miles.  One would think this will be a great down mountain run, NOT.  We ran fairly level for a mile until arriving at the "HAUL".  The HAUL was a straight up the mountain for a good 1/2 mile.  I was crawling and gasping for oxygen with my heart rate a pounding and my head a thumpin.  I had to stop half way and sit and rest.  A fellow runner came by and told me it was all down hill once I got to the top....Right.
He was correct and we plunged down to Lower Sheep Creek A.S.
From here we continued to drop elevation all the way to the finish line:  Tongue River Trail Head 26.2 mile - 5025'), Home Stretch (29 miles - 4250'), and the exhilarating finish at Scott Park in Dayton (31 miles - 4150').
I consider this a very tough course, however the beauty of the course has to be one of the greatest I have run.
Of the trail races I consider as the toughest, Mountain Masochist Trail 100, VA; this one would be a little tougher and I would think the 100 version of the race would be a challenge.
It was a great feeling finishing this race in 7:54:38 for 90th of 160 overall and 3rd/7 for 60-60 age group.  Again, 1 short of an award.
If you love trail running this is a must.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Estes Park Marathon Not this Time!

7 AM the Estes Park Marathon started in a torrential downpour and temperatures at 40.
The course went uphill for about a mile. My lungs told me this is what elevation is all about, however as soon as we went downhill it felt much better.
It continued to pour rain and I was getting really chilled by 4 miles. The scenery is beautiful and probably without all the low cloud cover it would have been even nicer.
I continued on and kept getting colder and shivering so at 9 miles I called it a day. If only the rain would have stopped and the sun would have popped out things may have been different.
So it's 2 for 3. I guess triples in a weekend wasn't for me.
Sorry no pics today, just picture lots of rain and cold.
Next week will go for #46 at Bighorn Mountain Trail 50 KM, WY.

#45 Bear Lake Marathon, Utah

After a 26.2 mile bus ride, we started the Bear Lake Utah Marathon at 6:49 AM. The 1st 9 miles was all into a head wind with temperatures at 40. From that point on it rained and stormed and had severe winds. At a point I wanted to put my garbage bag on, but the wind was so strong it kept me going. However at some point it was in front pushing making the run like going up a cliff. Finally we made a turn out of the wind, still had the rain and the only section on a dirt road or should I say a mud pit. After getting off the mud road we turned to head north to the finish. The 1st three miles of this section was up hill, but the last three was downward.
This was tougher course then the Friday version with lots of hills. In fact they started the race using the toughest section of Friday's marathon, the end to the finish. 5:45
All said it was a tough day and was glad it came to an end.
Now to shower,eat, and drive 8 hours to Estes Park, Colorado for the Estes Park Marathon. Betty will be helping with the driving, thank goodness.

Friday, June 11, 2010

#44 Bear Lake Marathon, Idaho

6 AM we started the marathon in Garden City Utah. The temperature was 40, but pleasant. We basically ran 13.25 miles north and made a turn east for 6-7 miles and headed south to the Bear Lake State Park for the finish. Temperature at the finish was 50. Had a head wind for the first 13 miles then tail wind for the rest. I found my only problem was a high heart rate during the first 8 miles. To high, but a fellow runner I caught was using 4 minutes running with a 1 minute walk to aid him with the same problem. So being hard boiled and all, I used 6 minute run with 1 minute walk. It worked and my heart rate drop to a comfort range and I was able to coupe with the altitude. The last 5+ miles were the toughest with lots of hills, so I improvised by taking the 1 minute walk on the uphills and if we were going down then it had to wait. Interesting the the finish was uphill. Sounds like Rob Powell laid out that course. Any how I finished and after an ice bath and a quart of chocolate milk, am ready for tomorrows Bear Lake Utah Marathon. Let the fun begin. Attached are some glossies of me and spots on the course. I really liked the shoe house.
Betty has been a great help with my success.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bear Lake ID & UT.

Made it to Bear Lake around 1 PM their time.
Since we mad it early decided to look at both marathon courses.
It is beautiful here but storms are rolling in so weather may be poor for both.
The photos are from the finish area on Bear Lake ID and the start of Bear Lake UT.
Also one out the window of our B&B Bluebird Inn.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Westward Ho!

The car is packed and tomorrow will be time to hit the road for my adventures with the three marathons in three days. Friday is Bear Lake Marathon, ID, Saturday is Bear Lake Marathon, UT and Sunday is Estes Park Marathon, CO. Oh my!!!!!!! So I will keep you up to date on my travels and how things are progressing. Hope to have 800 miles driven tomorrow.