Sunday, June 13, 2010

#45 Bear Lake Marathon, Utah

After a 26.2 mile bus ride, we started the Bear Lake Utah Marathon at 6:49 AM. The 1st 9 miles was all into a head wind with temperatures at 40. From that point on it rained and stormed and had severe winds. At a point I wanted to put my garbage bag on, but the wind was so strong it kept me going. However at some point it was in front pushing making the run like going up a cliff. Finally we made a turn out of the wind, still had the rain and the only section on a dirt road or should I say a mud pit. After getting off the mud road we turned to head north to the finish. The 1st three miles of this section was up hill, but the last three was downward.
This was tougher course then the Friday version with lots of hills. In fact they started the race using the toughest section of Friday's marathon, the end to the finish. 5:45
All said it was a tough day and was glad it came to an end.
Now to shower,eat, and drive 8 hours to Estes Park, Colorado for the Estes Park Marathon. Betty will be helping with the driving, thank goodness.

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