Monday, May 26, 2008

Steak and Shake!!!!!!

Yesterday after the long trail run, Rob Powell and myself met at the Road House Steak place.
Oh yeah we brought our significant others plus one. I plunged into a 16 oz. porterhouse, medium rare with an extremely large bake potato (of course butter and sour cream). With the steak I slushed down a few ice cold beverages. Now that was an excellent meal.
Today I had planned on a 5 mile run, but due to the pain and extended stomach problems I reduced it to 3 miles. So to Mohican I went and ran three miles, shaking the remnants of the meal the previous evening. My run went well once the sloshing ceased and no more STEAK and SHAKE.
Some times you just have to pig out!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

So Much to Talk About

Today I met the group of Mohican runners to do around 22 miles on the trails. I was there for 8 am, the rest showed up prior to 9 am. I guess it is important to read the emails with information on the group run. However, traditions says the earlier the better.
We cheerfully ran the purple loop and pretty much stayed together. Once we started the orange loop a few rabbits headed out and scampered away up the trail, not to be seen until the run was done. I ended up running with Rob and Chris. I did get a little dehydrated towards the end of the run and they graciously ran with me. The key to not getting dehydrated is drink the dam water that's in the bottle in your hand.
Yesterday I did run 5 miles down at Mohican with some trails. Nice run with lots of tourons out.

The girls ended the track season on Friday with the only competitors left being the miler and two miler. They did not have a good day, so all in all the season was done for them. Next year.
The boys on the other hand got the 4X800 team, 4x400 team and two 800 runs to region meet.
I coach the 800 and up runners, so there is still more work to do. Our one 800 runner broke the school record again in 1:58.7, hopefully he breaks it two more times. He should. He is right where he should be.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Indoor Track Awards

Last night we had the indoor track team awards. Yes, outdoor track is almost over, but it took some time to get the awards. It was a fun time with the team in a good mood, except maybe Liz who is always sarcastic. This was the first time for an indoor team at Loudonville High School, so there were many established school records. They should fall easily next year, with the exception of the 800m time set by Kyle Lemke at 2:03.0.
Well done team and good luck in 2009.

I ran to the Lodge yesterday for a hilly 5 miler and plan on doing a track workout today. 5X800.
This week is district track meet and a few of my athletes should make it to the regional meet. We shall see. I hope to link up with the runners doing a training run at Mohican Friday night. It was to be a night run, but sounds to be altered to an extended evening run, which I will not be able to run. The track meet should run into late evening. Of course I can go out on my own for a night run.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN.............

The theme for the weekend was Rain.
Friday I had a track meet at Hillsdale HS. I was thinking all evening of the night run at Mohican and how I wish I was there and not where I was. Around 8 PM it started to rain and rained and rained. We left the meet around 11 PM. I was soaked and wondered how the runners at Mohican were. Wet of course.
Saturday, once I got my ass out of bed I went to play catch up with the runners at Mohican. I found Rob between Rock Point and South Park. We ran together and I told him who was in front of him and how far. That seemed to cause his nostrils to flare. We ran at a good pace and then we saw a group of three runners in front of us. I told Rob or is it Bullet now, that we would catch them on the big hill a half mile away. Not so..we passed them with in two minutes and there was no stopping the bullet. I was exchanging some pleasantries as Rob was putting lots of distance between me and him. I knew once we got to the down hill I could catch up. And I did. Now what to do. I decided we needed to make them not want to pursue us, so I increased the pace up to the big hill. I also knew Rob would leave his friend in the dust and behind. And he did. I waved good bye, as I knew the next place I would see him was at the covered bridge. Unless, of course, Sir Fallsalot got him. He did not. Ran about 14 miles.
Well to make a long story somewhat shorter, I finished and no one passed me. Saw Rob at the Covered Bridge. Rob smashed the pace as hard as the tree smashed a car at the covered bridge.

Sunday was a miserable morning. Hard boiled runners I have know for years refused to run because it was so wet. They were seen slinking off in a most shameful manner. We had no choice but to let them go home to there nice warm beds and cry to someone who was inclined to hear them.
The 10 hardy soles that decided to go on and run, headed out. Did I mention it was raining and cold. I error ed in my running gear. Only wearing a tee shirt and running short we headed out in 48 degree temperatures, and did I mention it was raining. Well it was.
I decided the best way to do this run was to get it over with quickly. So when I took the lead I pushed the pace. Everyone followed and we had a good wet, cold run. I actually had an excellent run. Why is it that my best runs are at 50 degrees and pouring rain? I don't know and I don't like it. So I will cease the whining and say after a nice hot shower all was fine. Enough said!
17.2 miles - Orange loop.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Repeats at LHS & More..............

What a beautiful day, so after taking Betty to Cleveland Clinic for a MRA, I did my scheduled repeat workout. Nothing fancy or long: 1.25 mile warm up, 8 - 200 meter intervals at 35 seconds, then a mile cool down.
Afterwards I had track practice.
I did talk to a parent of a former cross country runner and found out he is doing a three race series in Utah where he lives. The races are ultra distances and on trail. I surely corrupted him.
I hope and plan on doing some of the Mohican Group Training runs this weekend. Friday nights out do to a track invitational. Saturday if I can get my ass out of bed after getting home after mid night on Friday. However, Sunday is for sure.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dogwood Morning

fter completing my many chores, I headed from my house to Mohican Resort Lodge. This is a 5 mile run on hilly roads. The most notable thing noticed were the blooming dogwoods. They were in full bloom and line my running route. I also noticed the new section of trail going from the purple loop of Mohican to the lodge and presumably to Malabar Farm State Park. I will have to run this one day soon.
What a gorgeous day; 68, sun and dogwoods. It is good to be alive.