Sunday, May 11, 2008

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN.............

The theme for the weekend was Rain.
Friday I had a track meet at Hillsdale HS. I was thinking all evening of the night run at Mohican and how I wish I was there and not where I was. Around 8 PM it started to rain and rained and rained. We left the meet around 11 PM. I was soaked and wondered how the runners at Mohican were. Wet of course.
Saturday, once I got my ass out of bed I went to play catch up with the runners at Mohican. I found Rob between Rock Point and South Park. We ran together and I told him who was in front of him and how far. That seemed to cause his nostrils to flare. We ran at a good pace and then we saw a group of three runners in front of us. I told Rob or is it Bullet now, that we would catch them on the big hill a half mile away. Not so..we passed them with in two minutes and there was no stopping the bullet. I was exchanging some pleasantries as Rob was putting lots of distance between me and him. I knew once we got to the down hill I could catch up. And I did. Now what to do. I decided we needed to make them not want to pursue us, so I increased the pace up to the big hill. I also knew Rob would leave his friend in the dust and behind. And he did. I waved good bye, as I knew the next place I would see him was at the covered bridge. Unless, of course, Sir Fallsalot got him. He did not. Ran about 14 miles.
Well to make a long story somewhat shorter, I finished and no one passed me. Saw Rob at the Covered Bridge. Rob smashed the pace as hard as the tree smashed a car at the covered bridge.

Sunday was a miserable morning. Hard boiled runners I have know for years refused to run because it was so wet. They were seen slinking off in a most shameful manner. We had no choice but to let them go home to there nice warm beds and cry to someone who was inclined to hear them.
The 10 hardy soles that decided to go on and run, headed out. Did I mention it was raining and cold. I error ed in my running gear. Only wearing a tee shirt and running short we headed out in 48 degree temperatures, and did I mention it was raining. Well it was.
I decided the best way to do this run was to get it over with quickly. So when I took the lead I pushed the pace. Everyone followed and we had a good wet, cold run. I actually had an excellent run. Why is it that my best runs are at 50 degrees and pouring rain? I don't know and I don't like it. So I will cease the whining and say after a nice hot shower all was fine. Enough said!
17.2 miles - Orange loop.


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...


The past two runs I have had with you have been fast paced. You have been turning up the pace. Looks like the winter Blahs are over.

Mike said...

I LOVE the "I don't know and I don't like it" comment. I am sorry I didn't meet you Don...I think I HAVE met you once before, but not long enough to feel like I know you.

I had to be home Sunday and it sounds like I was quite a ways behind you all on Saturday, although I did put in a good hard finish on my green loop too, speeding up quite a bit over the last 5 miles!

Signed up for Mo today.

Don: said...

I have been running a little better and it is probably knowing summer is on it's way. You are running most excellent. Should have no problems with Mo. By the way, ignore the number 68.

Thanks for the nice comments. We have met. I think for sure at Burning River last year when I stopped at the end of the race to see Rob. Of course he was not there. I spoke to you at the awards. If you weren't there then I probably spoke to my self and thought I had spoken to you. Oh it is not good to get older!