Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Indoor Track Awards

Last night we had the indoor track team awards. Yes, outdoor track is almost over, but it took some time to get the awards. It was a fun time with the team in a good mood, except maybe Liz who is always sarcastic. This was the first time for an indoor team at Loudonville High School, so there were many established school records. They should fall easily next year, with the exception of the 800m time set by Kyle Lemke at 2:03.0.
Well done team and good luck in 2009.

I ran to the Lodge yesterday for a hilly 5 miler and plan on doing a track workout today. 5X800.
This week is district track meet and a few of my athletes should make it to the regional meet. We shall see. I hope to link up with the runners doing a training run at Mohican Friday night. It was to be a night run, but sounds to be altered to an extended evening run, which I will not be able to run. The track meet should run into late evening. Of course I can go out on my own for a night run.


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Thats right, and if you catch us at the covered bridge and talk us into doing more it may be worth it. LOL

HALEY said...

whats up with this good luck team in 2009??? I think you are crazy!! You WILL be there too! you know it!!

liz said...

you are soooo coming back. you HAVE TO. do you know how bad indoor is going to suck????? how are we going to make it without your sarcasm too?
and i appreciate that you mentioned me by name here. not.

Don: said...

Sarcasm, I don't know where that comes from. Liz you should be happy I did not useu your last name on the blog----Reinthal.
If Nick comes out for Cross Country I will be there for indoor track. But just in case good luck!