Friday, March 25, 2011

Here to Eternity

After a long absence I have returned.  My thoughts about blogging are why.  I say the same things over and over and include my occasional race report, so why do the blog.  I guess it is to put down my concerns, successes, and the occasional rant.  I guess it is time to use it or lose it.  Meaning continue to blog or not.  I shall try to continue.

My running over the past year has been a little out of sink.  This may be due to family health issues, getting sick myself, and age.  I know I am influenced by the age thing.  I can't run as fast as I once did even when following my tried and true training regimes.  I even need the daily nap to recharge my batteries.  Now this does become a problem for this coming June when I run the Mohican Trail 100.  How does one get their nap in a race that will be longer than a day.  A question that boggles the mind.  One could sleep on the run.  I have done this on past 100's and stayed on course, but with being older the nap may be longer meaning I could wander of course and end up who knows where.  Oh well, I did digress.  That is one thing on my mind, but not the only thing.

Now my plans are as follows for racing this 1st half of 2011:  May 1 -- Colorado Marathon; May 21 --  Fargo Marathon,; and June 18 --  Mohican Trail 100.  I will do the race directors version of the Forget the PR 50K Trail Race on April 10 for volunteers.  So there are the plans and believe it or not I have been training, even with the crappy weather we have had this winter.  Though through my training I have found I am slower than in the past, but I have accepted whatever the outcome since all runners must go through this or give up.

Since I do enjoy running, one must go on.  I could just not do races anymore, but first I must finish my commitment (goals) I have set years ago.  Do all 50 states marathon or more, do all 50 states and DC marathon or more, do a 100 miler every decade until I can no longer achieve this goal.   I am close to achieving the 50 states & DC goals and the 100 I do have 9 years to continue this goal, of course let's hope for success at Mohican Trail 100.

So their are my thoughts after several months, now let's see if I can continue the comments..................