Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Houston, we got a problem.

It has come to my attention via Nick, that I have not Blogged since October 3.
Well to my surprise, my trusted house elf did not keep my posts up to date. Shame, shame, shame!

Thanks Nick for making that known to me. I would not want people to think I was pulling a Josh and taking an extended brake from my blog.

Now for the update: My training schedule is shot. So I will start anew with week #1 next week.
For some reason cross country got very active for me and I got side tracked on my own training.
I did volunteer at an Ultra last weekend. I worked an aid station with Rob 'puke your guts out' Powell. We worked the Kendall Lake aid station at 'Running with Scissors Double Marathon'.

Speaking of Rob, he has been working diligently on the 'Forget the PR 50 km or Mohican 50 km Ultra' here at Mohican. It looks to be an exciting 50 km.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Review Week #2

I must confess that I faltered a little this week. I was to do 40 miles however only completed 32 as I took two days off instead of the one. I guess I will pay the price next week without a day off.

Sunday (9/28) - 5 miles
Monday (9/29) - 3 miles
Tuesday (9/30) - 16 miles
Wednesday (10/1) - 3 miles
Thursday and Saturday - off
Friday (10/3) - 5 miles

Week #3: 58 miles with an 18 mile long run and 2- Tempo runs of 8 miles.
Since Sunday is the 1st day of the new week I did run an 8 mile tempo run on the B+O Trail from Butler, Ohio. It was an excellent run pushing the heart rate to 80-85%. So the week started off well. Will do the weight measurement tomorrow morning.