Monday, January 11, 2010

Time is Slipping By.

It seems like forever since I last Blogged. Why....Facebook. It is a quicker and instantaneous process. So should I abandon blogging or keep on doing it? Interesting dilemma.
I like using this format to discuss my race results, but what about the in between times.
I guess I will continue and with that what if anything have I been doing.
I run and sometimes I run with friends and sometimes I run with my running clubs.
A training plan was put in place as of January 3, 2010. I have been following it also.

With state #43 completed, I hope to complete 5 races towards my 50 states this year, with most being done in June. I do want to be in shape to complete the races and be respectable.
So the plan is mileage running with 1500 miles by June 1st.
Weight training has been incorporated two times per week and upper body workouts/abs three times per week.

Plan on losing 30 pounds by May with 5 pounds already gone.

Now you probably think this was my New Year resolution, not. My resolution was to stop biting, chewing, molesting my finger nails. I haven't thus far and I may have to trim them soon.

Currently coaching Indoor Track and that has been going very well. The teams should do well this year. Hopefully several to state.

Mohican Trail 100 course should be finalized soon. Need to measure one section and it can be announced. Of course the snow must go away.

So there we have it and I will try to be more diligent in the future.