Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Blahs.

Just watch it snow. It's just peachy here in Ohio.
Tuesday ran 5 miles in Loudonville on the ice and snow.
Wednesday ran 3 mile on the dreaded treadmill. Was to take Betty out for her 50th birthday. Tomorrow will have to do.

Thursday: 8 miles or 2 miles+3 at tempo + 2 miles
Friday: All day at the OAT&CCC conference in Columbus.
Saturday: The one not done on Thursday.
Sunday: 10 miles early.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Quiet 5 in Mohican

3:00 pm ran at Mohican in snow and ice. It was real quiet with no one out and about, just me. Put a couple miles on the trail. My first day in the process of a 12 week plan for the 'Forget the PR', Mohican 50 KM. Tomorrow 8m miles..........

Friday, January 23, 2009

Sqeezed in three!

Ran down at Mohican only doing 3 miles today. It was a busy day, so 3 was fine. I start my serious training on Sunday. It's a 12 week program, so here we go!
Tomorrow is a high school indoor track meet at Ohio State. I hope to get another short run in after the meet.

I will soon be posting the 9 days for training runs on the 'Forget the PR' 50 km. Of course it will in no other than Mohican!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

39th State, New Mexico

GHOST TOWN 38.5 RACE, Hillsboro, NM

January 18th I ran the Ghost Town 38.5 mile race in New Mexico. I have been to the area three times in my life on vacations and always thought the area was a beautiful sight. So when I saw the race listed in Ultrarunning several years ago, I was determined to make it my New Mexico state race.
The race starts and finishes at Susan the race director's home. The hospitality was great as well as the pre race meal held at the Community Center or old high school.
The building was restored and very nice facility.
Betty, my wife and I drove down to NM. It took three days but was a nice trip. This is the greatest distance I want to drive in the future. I must be getting old.

Rob Powell flew down on Saturday night and crashed at my digs in Truth or Consequences. He arrived at 11:45 PM and we got up to head to Hillsboro at 4:30 AM on Sunday. I told Rob I drove the first 6.3 miles the day before and found it to be rolling with some ups and downs. I don't know what I had been smoking when I checked it out, since the first 6.3 miles only goes one direction and that is up!

We arrived at the race start and Rob spent time sucking up to the RD while I meditated on the up coming start.

The race started at 6 AM in the dark with 25 degrees and quite windy. In fact the wind was blowing in our faces for the first 6.3 miles.
We were off and I saw Rob disappear into the distance and would not see him for at leat two hours on an out and back section.
The first portion of the race gained from 5,500 feet to 7,000 feet of elevation. I did notice the altitude and thought this will be an interesting day.
Now first, I was not well trained for this race. Knew altituted would be a factor.
And had excess weight on the old chasis. But hey it was beautiful course and what a setting.
Now I could desribe every little complaint that I had during the race, but who doesn't have them.
My race was more of a survival trudge, as the course was rocky and rough in places and I made a mistake in the trail shoes I wore causing much pain.
I did finish in 51st place out of 72 in a time of 9:02:13.
I did meet Greg Murray a member of NEO Trail Runners as well as his brother, Brian. Brian is from New Mexico.
There were a total of five Ohio runners:
Rob Powell, Robert Kazar, Greg Murray , Melissa Johnson, and of course me. The temperature did get up to 58 degrees and sunny. What a day. I say let the photos tell the story. Now to get ready for 'Forget the PR', Mohican 50 KM; a Mohican Trail 100 sampler.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ghost Town 38.5 -- Quickie!

Ok, here's the fast and dirty version until I get back home to do the long drawn out edition.
Beautiful location.
Hard ass course.
Suffered much! Due to lack of training, altitude, and wrong footwear.
State #39!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo has the 5-Ohio runners: Rob Powell, Robert Kazar, Greg Murray, Melissa Johnson, and me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Truth or Consequences

Friday I arrive at TOC, NM and went for a quick 5 mile run from the hotel we are staying at.
I headed west into the desert on what turned out to be gravel roads. The temperature was 63 degrees and sunny. Had a nice run. Saw no wildlife, even with a sign warning to watchout for rattlesnakes.
I will take Saturday off since no benefit will be had for the race on Sunday. Rest will be more benefit.
I did notice on my run Friday the higher altitude (5,000'+) than
I'm usually accustomed (900-1,300').
I will report my race on Sunday, I know all will be on pins and needles to hear all about the adventure.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Did the Treadmill 3 Mile.

With the strong winds, snow and ice my 10 miler went down the drain. But not to worry as I don't want to be tired for next Sunday, I ran 3 miles on my treadmill. Yes, I know exciting.
Now, tomorrow I hope to start my travels to New Mexico. Well let's hope things aren't to bad in the morning.

Oh yes if my drive is not toooooooooooooo long to my destination tomorrow, I will let you know how the day went via laptop.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Run Run Run New Mexico here I come.

I'm chomping at the bit to get on the road and down to New Mexico to run the Ghost Town 38.5 mile run. But I have been finishing off the training so I can survive the run.
Sunday I ran 17 miles in Mohican with Rob Powell, Michelle Bichsel, and Nick. Check out their blogs for all the good stories. All you get here today is a photo thanks to Nick, our run photographer. It was a neat run with much untouched trail. until we went through.

Today I ran another 5 miles on snow, Mohican. It's January in Ohio, what does one expect.
So there you have it

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Two in a Row.

Yep, two blogs in a row. Now if I can keep the streak going that will be great.

Today's run was 3 miles on the treadmill. I think it would have been fine outside, but I will save it for tomorrow--20 miles on snowy trails.

Ghost Town 38.5 miles in New Mexico is in 1 week. Let the adventure begin...................................

Friday, January 9, 2009

Running in the Snow, Running in the Snow, oh what...

Drove to the B+O Trail at Butler around 2:30 PM today to do a 10 miler. It was starting to snow fairly hard as I began, but needed to get this 10 miles completed. As I ran the snow continued to accumulate but I had the correct shoes on for the conditions and the surroundings were so surreal.
Made it to Bellville and turned around at the 5 mile post. It kept snowing and I kept trudging.
With 3.5 miles to go a guy riding a bike pulled alongside me and low and behold it was Ryan O'Dell, race director for the Mohican Trail 100. He rode and I trudged for the remaining 3.5 miles talking away.
I actually ran much faster second half thanks to Ryan.
Now that was a fun run. Tomorrow if the snow continues as predicted I will use my Katoohlas.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ten Mile Trail Run

Today was supposed to be a 25 mile run. I bulked, so Sunday is now distance day.

I did go and run 10 miles at Mohican on trails. Had an enjoyable run. Tempts. were 37 and windy, but nice. Ran into two hikers. They were in shorts and made me feel quite overdressed. I was comfortable, so the young lady in shorts had to be chilled. I would have offered her my running pants, but her boyfriend may have objected. I know at that point I would have had a chilly run in my briefs.


My run counts to the first month and a ten mile run. I wish more people would enter this challenge.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let the New Year Begin

I am always impressed how many runners take the time on the first day of the year to review and plan their race plans for the new year.
I in fact always did that and tried my best to follow said plan.
Last year was a disaster for me running wise. The first race I ran was in Kansas, The Wyco Psycho 50 km trail race. Worst 50 km I ever ran. I was trained but conditions caused a dismal day.

Had an acceptable 50km race in Connecticut, the Lake Waramaug 50 km. Both Rob Powell and I drove over to CT. and did this race. It was a fun time. I should partner up more.

Had some unplanned family illness that consumed my time and caused me to abort my schedule as planned. I did attain 25,000 recorded miles. Small to some but mind boggling to me.
Currently coaching high school indoor track and will be coaching outdoor track this spring. My last year, freeing up some excellent races for 2010.
Will be coaching cross country in the fall and from then on as long as it remains fun.

Race Goals for 2009:
Jan-Dec. ten.....more....miles Challenge Where ever
Jan. 18 Ghost Town 38.5 mile race New Mexico
April 19 Forget the PR 50 KM Mohican, Ohio
May 30 No Frills 6 hr. Ohio
June 20 Mohican Trail 100
Oct. 4 Portland Marathon Maine

Well this is a start as I am sure it will change over the year. Mohican is my focus race.

I did begin the year with a short run of 3 miles on the tread mill. Tomorrow I plan on 25 miles.

Happy New Years To All!