Thursday, January 1, 2009

Let the New Year Begin

I am always impressed how many runners take the time on the first day of the year to review and plan their race plans for the new year.
I in fact always did that and tried my best to follow said plan.
Last year was a disaster for me running wise. The first race I ran was in Kansas, The Wyco Psycho 50 km trail race. Worst 50 km I ever ran. I was trained but conditions caused a dismal day.

Had an acceptable 50km race in Connecticut, the Lake Waramaug 50 km. Both Rob Powell and I drove over to CT. and did this race. It was a fun time. I should partner up more.

Had some unplanned family illness that consumed my time and caused me to abort my schedule as planned. I did attain 25,000 recorded miles. Small to some but mind boggling to me.
Currently coaching high school indoor track and will be coaching outdoor track this spring. My last year, freeing up some excellent races for 2010.
Will be coaching cross country in the fall and from then on as long as it remains fun.

Race Goals for 2009:
Jan-Dec. ten.....more....miles Challenge Where ever
Jan. 18 Ghost Town 38.5 mile race New Mexico
April 19 Forget the PR 50 KM Mohican, Ohio
May 30 No Frills 6 hr. Ohio
June 20 Mohican Trail 100
Oct. 4 Portland Marathon Maine

Well this is a start as I am sure it will change over the year. Mohican is my focus race.

I did begin the year with a short run of 3 miles on the tread mill. Tomorrow I plan on 25 miles.

Happy New Years To All!


Nick said...

Happy New Year Don.

2008 seemed to be a bad year for me as well.

I think 2009 will be a great year for everyone.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Great plans and I know you will have a blast with NM 38. I can not wait to hit the trails with ya!

Don: said...

Hope Your New Year is a great running year. It wouldn't hurt to having everything else go well also.

Yes I am looking forward to NM. Unfortunately it was 70 degrees there today. Last year it was under 14 degrees.
Looking forward to some trail running.
I plan on doing portions of Forget the PR after the NM race. I will post when I get to that point.
Why don't you do the 10...more...miles ?