Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bigfoot 50K Undone!

As all know my final 2010 focus run was the Bigfoot 50K trail race held on December 5 at Saltfork State Park near Cambridge, Ohio.
With many hours and miles of training I was chomping at the bit to run the race.  Race morning arrive with very windy and crisp temperature in the 20's.  It really did not feel that bad as I decided to run in shorts.
The race started promptly at 7 AM with quite a large field including the relay teams.  A little blacktop began the race and soon funneled to single track trail.  The course was not flat by any means and had some nice down hills, designed just for me.   I really did not feel in sync (Not the group),  I was just out of it from the get go and really did not know why.  I continued on to the first aid station around 6.2 miles and onward to the start finish line with 10.4 miles in at 1:55:30.  I was so not feeling right that I decided to call it a day.  At that point I did not know what was bothering me.  More on that later.
The race was well organized, running friendly, and took good care of you before, during, and after the race.
 I would highly recommend this race to anyone who loves to run trails.
My wife Betty did a nice walk on a not so nice day while I was running and got in a good 5.5 miles on some hilly roads.  Well done, Betty!
Even after the race I still had no idea what was my problem.  Not even on Monday, I took off.
Tuesday the 7th, I did run trails in Mohican with Terri Lemke and Zack Huff.  The conditions were cold and snow covering the trails making for some slow trail running.  It was during this run I realized my problem for Bigfoot.  I was having difficulty breathing (asthma).  I think the cold air triggered my difficulty breathing and I just did not realize it until the 11 miles of trail we ran at Mohican.  So problem solved, but a race was wasted. 
I did have a nice run with Zack and Terri.  Terri was second women overall at Bigfoot....Congratulations Terri!

So there you have my saga and go out for 2010 with a big DNF.  Now let's focus on next year.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pre Thanksgiving Runs

It is amazing how quickly a week can slip bye.  Been to two High School Sports banquets, watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows twice, and ran.......
11/18:  Ran 5 miles at Mohican with some trails.
11/19:  Went to Columbus and watched Harry Potter on IMAX, no run on this day!
11/20:  Ran #3 X 20 miles for the week.  This run was a 5 mile easy, 10 miles at tempo pace, and 5 miles easy.
            The run was almost all at tempo pace.  Felt great for a run I did not feel motivated for.
11/21:  Met up with a visiting Loudonville alumn who holds the boys cross country record of 16:24 at the
            5k distance.  Fortunately we went out for a nice paced 5.4 mile run.  Very enjoyable run from LHS     to       Mohican S.P. Class A and return.  Did a lot of catching up, Thanks Jason Neubig.
11/22:  Just a little old 3 miler on roads at Mohican.
11/23:  Jason and I ran for another 7.24 miles around and through Loudonville.  Life is good.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life Gets Busy and Pay the Price.

I could not believe that I had gotten so far behind on my run updates.  It seems life does get in the way at times and apparently the past week is no exception.  So I will play catch up on my training and runs.

#3  3X15:  (Wednesday 11/10)  Did a 15 miler mixed road and trails at Mohican S.P. and Loudonville.  Ran 9.5 miles on trail.  Started with 3.5 miles of easy running, then attempted to maintain 8 miles at tempo pace.  I unfortunately was only able to hold that pace for 6.5 miles.  I finished out the 15 miles at an easy pace.  Just was a little depleted.

11/11:  Day of Rest.
11/12:  Ran 5 miles at Mohican mixed road and trail.
11/13:  Ran 3 miles road at Mohican.  Had a great run.  Felt fresh!
11/14:  Began my 3X20:  #1 was a trail run on the Mohican Bike Trail in reverse from Mohican Class A to the Covered Bridge, returning on Hemlock Trail and finishing with 4+ miles on the Mountain Bike short trail.
Got to run with Mike Patton, Terri Lemke (She ran a 50k the day before), Michelle Bischel, and Mitch.  Had a good run and completed it around 4 hours and 17 minutes.
11/15:  Due to schedule conflicts this week was not meant to be for 3 consecutive 20 milers, so this was a 5 miler mixed with trails and road at Mohican.  Not so good of a run.
11/16:  2X20:  #2 again was a trail run using the Red/Green Loop of the Mohican Trail 100.  On a cold wet morning I met with Terri L., Tom Patton, and Cheryl Splain.  Due to the damp cold we moved slowly and once at Rock Point we continued on at a little faster pace.  It rain pretty good on us making for not so great of a day on the trails.  However, it is in the books and had some fun running with friends.
11/17:  Ran 3 miles at Mohican on road.
So there we are with a planned run today of 5 miles, off on Friday and the 3rd 20 miler on Saturday being 10 miles of tempo pace.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 X 15 #2: Mohican Trails

I met up with Terri Lemke, Dan Bellinger, Tom Patton, Cheryl Splain, and Julie Bowen-Miller for a 15 mile trail on the orange loop of Mohican Trail 100, Tuesday, November 9.
We all arrive near to 8 AM and got started at 8:15 AM from the 'Forget the PR' pavilion and headed to the beginning of the Mountain Bike Trail running orange in reverse.  The first 2 miles are up hill and then gets rolling there after for a nice runnable trail.  I had posted water at approximately 8.5 miles, so we refreshed and headed to the covered bridge.  The temperatures began around 34 and rose to 54, but it was a nice calm clear day.
When we arrived at the covered bridge, Dan's and my garmin indicated a little aver 10.7 miles complete.  I thought that with a new section of trail the course was much shorter.  I however forgot that the Mohican 100 goes to Hickory Ridge and deviates from the Mountain Bike Trail causing the difference in the mileage.  So all is well!

From the covered bridge (Bridge is completed so no detour.) we headed to the Class A campground via Hemlock Trail.  Dan and Terri picked up the pace which I was not able to match and got ahead of me.  I continued to North Rim Trail with it's brutal climb and finished off the last mile.  The run felt great.  Time goes by very quickly when running with friends.

Monday, November 8, 2010

3X15 Miles: #1

Ran the first of three 15 milers today on the Kokosing Gap Trail from Gambier to Danville.  Of course you have to return.  The temperature was 54, sun, windy.  Great day for a lonesome run.  Maintained 9 minute miles for the distance.  This was an easy road run.  Tomorrow morning will run at Mohican on trails doing the orange loop.  Should be fun and running with a group of friends.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catching Up!

Sorry got a little behind, so here's a little catching up.
Nov. 4 (Thur.) ran 12 miles with Terri Lemke, Tom Patton, Dan Bellinger, and Cheryl Splain using the Exterra Trail course plus a little extra to the dam.  Had a great run and good comardarie with friends while we ran a very tough course.  This was 32 for 12 milers this week.

Friday was an off day, not that I wanted to but was to busy to get a run done.

Saturday did #3 12 miler at Mohican on roads.  This was a tempo run so ran 2 miles easy, 8 miles tempo and finished with 2 miles easy.  Nice day and a good run.

Sunday did a easy 3 miler at Mohican on roads, nothing special.  Just got it done.

Next week, starting tomorrow 3 X 15 miles.  Go Go Go!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kokosing Gap Trail 12 Mile Run

Headed down to Gambier (Home of Kenyon College) to do my first of 3X12 mile runs.
A beautiful day with the temperature at the start around 42, sunny and a bit of a chilled breeze.  I decided to take off towards Mt. Vernon going 4.5 miles and returning.  From my starting point at Gambier, I headed towards Danville, about 1.5 miles out and returned.  Nothing fancy, just a nice consistent run, enjoying life.
This would count as the road 12 miler.
Mike K. was supposed to run with me on Mohican trails this evening.  I have not heard from him so he is probably flying somewhere or chasing some young lady.  Tomorrow morning 12 miles on Mohican trails.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bigfoot 50K Trail Race

Ok I did it, I am all signed up for the BIGFOOT 50K at Salt Fork State Park near Cambridge.
The race is on December 5, 2010 with three 10.2 mile laps.  Also dodging deer slugs as it is hunting season.

Wednesday, I did my 3rd 10 miler in three days doing a tempo run with 7:50 miles.  Actually felt good.
Today I took off, I guess it was a day of rest. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Running in the Wind.

Wow, 67 degrees and the wind blowing it was time to do my 10 miler.  Changed from the tempo 10 to the trail 10 due to the high winds.
The trails were abandoned so I had them all to myself.  Ran the North Rim Trail in Mohican to the Mountain Bike Trails.  The direction I went meant the updhills were numerous in the 1st 5 miles.
The trees were swaying and the leaves were falling to the ground making it difficult to see the trail.
 My legs were tired from yesterday and when I finished this run, they were screaming.
 Anyhow, the 10.1 miles was done with the 2nd 5 miles faster than the 1st 5 miles.
I don't know how many more nice days we are going to have left but do hope for a few more.
 Tomorrow will be the tempo paced 10 miler...........
Betty walked 4 miles today, job well done.

Monday, October 25, 2010

3days, 10 miles.

Today I started week #2 main workout:  3 days @ 10 miles each day.
1st 10 was on road with a mile of trail.  Pushed the pace even though it seemed an effort.  It was very windy and rained about half the run.
Tomorrows 10 will be at tempo or faster pace for 8 miles.
Wednesday's 10 will be trail.

I did run 5.5 miles on trail Sunday.  What a beautiful day and probably won't see many more of those for a while.  The run was great and with nice weather I could not slack off.

Bryan Derr is the only runner I have left on cross country.  The boys team had 5th place at districts with the top 4 teams moving on.  Bryan will be running at 11:05 AM at Boardman High School this Saturday for D-III Region meet.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tempo Run - Thursday

10:30 AM, I went down to Mohican and did an 8 mile tempo run using the 1st mile to get the hear rate up and keeping it there for 6 miles and using the last mile to bring it down.
The day was perfect 47 with sun and some wind.  The 1st mile was road and the 2nd and 3rd was also road , but the next 4 were on trails.  Using trails makes one feel like they are flying while trying to keep the HR in tempo range.  The Max HR was 160 with the average at 153.  About right for a 60 year old.
All in all a great run completing the 3 daysX 8 miles for week #1.

Today I decided to take off, but will run 3 miles tomorrow.  On On1

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Begin 50 KM Training Plan

After the 5k on Sunday, my plan is to begin training for the Bigfoot 50k Trail Race at Salt Fork State Park on December 4, 2010.
Here's the basic version of the plan:
Week 1: 3X8 miles (Road, Trail, Tempo) on three consecutive days.
Week 2:  3X10 miles (Same as above).
Week 3:  3X12 miles (Same as above).
Week 4:  3X15 miles (same as above).
Week 5:  3X18 miles (Same as above).
Week 6:  3X20 miles (Same as above).
Week 7:  Taper to race day (Not the Terri Lemke method).
Week 1 so far:  Monday ran 5 miles on road and trail at a good pace.  Felt great.
                        Tuesday ran  8.12 miles on road at a good pace, almost tempo.
                        Wednesday ran 8.7 miles of trails at Mohican.  Another good run.

I will take one day off this week, probably Saturday.  Exciting times, can't wait for Bigfoot.......

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

He lives!!!!!

Yes, I know, it has been a long long time but here I am back posting and hopefully I will continue to keep all up to date on my training and adventures.
So what have I been up to since my summer western adventure to get states.  Well I have been training and wanted to loose some unwanted pounds, so I started to watch my calorie intake and focus on a 5k race held locally in Loudonville....Mohican 5K.
Training went well and I thought I was in 22:30 shape for the 5k when all was said an done.  I also lost 15 pounds making for a lighter version on DON.
I ran the course three times prior to race day to get a good feel for the course  and figure what my strategy was going to be for race day.  So the course starts on a road and travels about a half mile to a paved bike path.  Get position before entering the narrow bike path and run a 7:20 pace through the whole race.  There are two small hills/upgrades around a half mile and 2.9 miles.  So how did things go............

Mohican 5k, Loudonville, Ohio
October 17, 2010
Got up at 6:30 AM and began my preparations for the race.  Drank two cups of coffee and ate bowl of oatmeal.  Got dressed.  It was a little chilly outside with temperatures in the low 40's, with no rain or wind.
Perfect weather for a race.
Headed to the registration area and picked up my race packet, chatted with a few friends and began my warm up routine.  Half mile run, form running and stretching.  Drank some more water, ate a GU and headed to the start line.  Travis Price, one of my cross country atheletes was there,  Don Conrad, Y Running Club member and numerous friends.
9:00 AM the race started promptly after a few words.  I do what I normally do in a 5 km, I went like hell with a 6 minute pace according to my garmin.  I held this for a couple of tenths of a mile and got into my race pace of 7:20.  I had good positon heading on to the bike path and it was not crowded.  Past a few more runners going in to the mile (7:15).  Heading to the turn around at Morris Motors, I was past and I past runners.
 Made the turn around and headed to the 2 mile mark with a time of 14:56 (7:41 mile).  Here's where I made my mistake, I got into a groove and followed another runner who was going what I thought was an acceptable pace.  A quarter of a mile later I looked at my garmin and saw I was traveling about 8:10 pace, dammmmm!
So I picked up the pace and went into low 7 minute pace again. 
While on the hill/upgrade at 2.9 miles a runner past me.  I hate when this happens, I really hate to have anyone pass me on the last mile.  And this guy had lots of gray hair.......he must be in my age group.  So we crested the hill and I exploded and sprinted into the finish.  Last mile was 7:41 and last one tenth was 0:38 all good for 23:20 (7:30 pace).
I got 29th overall out of 132.  1st in  the 60 plus age group.  The gray haired guy who passed me and I re passed got 2nd AG, 8 seconds behind me.  3rd AG was around 24:00.
All in all, quite pleased.  Only wished I had not taken a vacation around two miles.

Now what.  Time to train for a 50k trail race.  We begin today.  More later.........

Sunday, June 20, 2010

#46 Bighorn Mountain 50 KM, Wyoming

At 8:17 AM  the Bighorn Mountain 50 km race began.  It was daunting be out in the mountains with a portable village set up for the Dry Fork Aid Station.  The Dry Fork will be visited by the 100 mile race twice, the 50 mile race once, and the 50 km as a start and again as an aid station.
The day was cloudy and a nice 41 degrees at the start and only got better as the day went on.
At the start we were at 7,100 feet elevation and within three miles were at 8800'.  Lot's of snow at the higher elevation, but the views were spectacular.  Of course from the top we plummeted down the mountain to around 6,400' to the Kern's Cow Camp Aide Station at 9 miles.  This is the common point for all the races heading to the finish.
From here we headed back to the Dry Fork A.S. (14 miles) on a different trail.  From the Dry Fork we ran upward for several miles, then down to the Upper Sheep Creek at mile 19 (7420').   Note the wildflowers were in abundance.  Now the next A.S. is at 5,025' and 24 miles.  One would think this will be a great down mountain run, NOT.  We ran fairly level for a mile until arriving at the "HAUL".  The HAUL was a straight up the mountain for a good 1/2 mile.  I was crawling and gasping for oxygen with my heart rate a pounding and my head a thumpin.  I had to stop half way and sit and rest.  A fellow runner came by and told me it was all down hill once I got to the top....Right.
He was correct and we plunged down to Lower Sheep Creek A.S.
From here we continued to drop elevation all the way to the finish line:  Tongue River Trail Head 26.2 mile - 5025'), Home Stretch (29 miles - 4250'), and the exhilarating finish at Scott Park in Dayton (31 miles - 4150').
I consider this a very tough course, however the beauty of the course has to be one of the greatest I have run.
Of the trail races I consider as the toughest, Mountain Masochist Trail 100, VA; this one would be a little tougher and I would think the 100 version of the race would be a challenge.
It was a great feeling finishing this race in 7:54:38 for 90th of 160 overall and 3rd/7 for 60-60 age group.  Again, 1 short of an award.
If you love trail running this is a must.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Estes Park Marathon Not this Time!

7 AM the Estes Park Marathon started in a torrential downpour and temperatures at 40.
The course went uphill for about a mile. My lungs told me this is what elevation is all about, however as soon as we went downhill it felt much better.
It continued to pour rain and I was getting really chilled by 4 miles. The scenery is beautiful and probably without all the low cloud cover it would have been even nicer.
I continued on and kept getting colder and shivering so at 9 miles I called it a day. If only the rain would have stopped and the sun would have popped out things may have been different.
So it's 2 for 3. I guess triples in a weekend wasn't for me.
Sorry no pics today, just picture lots of rain and cold.
Next week will go for #46 at Bighorn Mountain Trail 50 KM, WY.

#45 Bear Lake Marathon, Utah

After a 26.2 mile bus ride, we started the Bear Lake Utah Marathon at 6:49 AM. The 1st 9 miles was all into a head wind with temperatures at 40. From that point on it rained and stormed and had severe winds. At a point I wanted to put my garbage bag on, but the wind was so strong it kept me going. However at some point it was in front pushing making the run like going up a cliff. Finally we made a turn out of the wind, still had the rain and the only section on a dirt road or should I say a mud pit. After getting off the mud road we turned to head north to the finish. The 1st three miles of this section was up hill, but the last three was downward.
This was tougher course then the Friday version with lots of hills. In fact they started the race using the toughest section of Friday's marathon, the end to the finish. 5:45
All said it was a tough day and was glad it came to an end.
Now to shower,eat, and drive 8 hours to Estes Park, Colorado for the Estes Park Marathon. Betty will be helping with the driving, thank goodness.

Friday, June 11, 2010

#44 Bear Lake Marathon, Idaho

6 AM we started the marathon in Garden City Utah. The temperature was 40, but pleasant. We basically ran 13.25 miles north and made a turn east for 6-7 miles and headed south to the Bear Lake State Park for the finish. Temperature at the finish was 50. Had a head wind for the first 13 miles then tail wind for the rest. I found my only problem was a high heart rate during the first 8 miles. To high, but a fellow runner I caught was using 4 minutes running with a 1 minute walk to aid him with the same problem. So being hard boiled and all, I used 6 minute run with 1 minute walk. It worked and my heart rate drop to a comfort range and I was able to coupe with the altitude. The last 5+ miles were the toughest with lots of hills, so I improvised by taking the 1 minute walk on the uphills and if we were going down then it had to wait. Interesting the the finish was uphill. Sounds like Rob Powell laid out that course. Any how I finished and after an ice bath and a quart of chocolate milk, am ready for tomorrows Bear Lake Utah Marathon. Let the fun begin. Attached are some glossies of me and spots on the course. I really liked the shoe house.
Betty has been a great help with my success.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bear Lake ID & UT.

Made it to Bear Lake around 1 PM their time.
Since we mad it early decided to look at both marathon courses.
It is beautiful here but storms are rolling in so weather may be poor for both.
The photos are from the finish area on Bear Lake ID and the start of Bear Lake UT.
Also one out the window of our B&B Bluebird Inn.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Westward Ho!

The car is packed and tomorrow will be time to hit the road for my adventures with the three marathons in three days. Friday is Bear Lake Marathon, ID, Saturday is Bear Lake Marathon, UT and Sunday is Estes Park Marathon, CO. Oh my!!!!!!! So I will keep you up to date on my travels and how things are progressing. Hope to have 800 miles driven tomorrow.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back in a Flash.

So after a long absence I am back. How time does fly by.
It seems I stopped by to review what I last posted and noted my plans for the beginning of the year. As things go in life my plans have not been met. However, we will plug on as I have entered the four races in June and will do those races no matter the preparations I currently have attained or haven't.
So the races planned are Bear Lake Marathon, ID on June 11th; Bear Lake Marathon, UT on June 12th; Estes Park Marathon, CO on June 13th; and Bighorn Mountain Trail 50 km on June 19th.
This coming week I will do a simulation of three marathons in a row or a close as One can by running 25 miles on Tues, 25 miles on Wed., and 25 miles on Thurs. I will keep you posted on how that goes.
Since January I did get the Mohican Trail 100 course measured and course description completed.
Indoor Track was concluded with three of my high school athletes going to the Ohio High School State Indoor Meet at Akron University.
And currently Outdoor Track is winding down with conference this week and next week the District Meet at Norwayne High School.
It is also a time for preparations for the Cross Country season coming this fall. It's a continuous circle.
I will be reviewing my options for coaching this coming year, it may be time for new and fresh life to be given to these athletes. Later..........................................

Monday, January 11, 2010

Time is Slipping By.

It seems like forever since I last Blogged. Why....Facebook. It is a quicker and instantaneous process. So should I abandon blogging or keep on doing it? Interesting dilemma.
I like using this format to discuss my race results, but what about the in between times.
I guess I will continue and with that what if anything have I been doing.
I run and sometimes I run with friends and sometimes I run with my running clubs.
A training plan was put in place as of January 3, 2010. I have been following it also.

With state #43 completed, I hope to complete 5 races towards my 50 states this year, with most being done in June. I do want to be in shape to complete the races and be respectable.
So the plan is mileage running with 1500 miles by June 1st.
Weight training has been incorporated two times per week and upper body workouts/abs three times per week.

Plan on losing 30 pounds by May with 5 pounds already gone.

Now you probably think this was my New Year resolution, not. My resolution was to stop biting, chewing, molesting my finger nails. I haven't thus far and I may have to trim them soon.

Currently coaching Indoor Track and that has been going very well. The teams should do well this year. Hopefully several to state.

Mohican Trail 100 course should be finalized soon. Need to measure one section and it can be announced. Of course the snow must go away.

So there we have it and I will try to be more diligent in the future.