Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Drove to The Gault Recreation Center at Wooster High School to use the indoor track for my 4x1 miles. With all the snow on the ground it makes it tough to do repeats.
Ran a mile warmup, 4x1600 @ 7:48 pace, then a cool down of a mile.
Getting a little better.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Late Night Saturday and 10 miles.

The indoor track team competed at the Kenyon College High School Meet and did pretty good for only having 5 boys and two girls. The boys came in 12th out of 23 teams with most of them Division I. The girls did not fair as well with 15th out 17. The highlights were Kyle Lemke winning the 800m in 2:05.93, probably guaranteeing a state berth. 4X800 came in eighth, but more important should be in the top 25 on the state performance list for DIII/II. Haley Young getting a PR in the 3200m and eighth place. The boys 4X400 was 5th. Mack Taylor ran and suffered in the 4X400, what a joy to behold.
Mack also had a shot put throw of 35' 5.5", most likely a PR. Nick Kopp and Liz Reinthal need to run faster over a short distance. I know I have not said anything about Micky Harvey or Jace Wolford, they were part of the 4X400 and the 4X800. Jace did whine and complain all night about not wanting to run the 3200. It did not work, he ran the 3200. Enough said!

My run today was 10 miles around 2:30 PM. It was sunny with snow on the ground and roads in places. I ran near the state forest headquarters. Nice and quiet.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

50% Day!!!!!!!

Beautiful Day, Sunny, clear, calm and new fallen snow. I was to run 10 miles, but due to sore inner thighs reduced it 50% or 5 miles. It was probably due to too much sun. Soon I will head to the indoor track meet and those kids better not give 50% today. That would not make my day.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pace 4

I was suppose to do a pace 6 today, but modified it to a pace 4. So I did my run down at Mohican S. P. Class A campground. Ran a 1.1 mile warm up then picked up the pace to marathon speed and ran 4 miles, then dropped it back to 1.1 miles as a cool down. Some areas were deep snow and the rest was half decent roads that were clear. With 30 degrees, snowing, wind, I thought I did a good run. I know I have work to do. Tomorrow I will run 10 miles (maybe wear my Katoohla's) and in the afternoon head to the Kenyon College High School Indoor Track meet with my athletes from Loudonville.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Return to marathon training.

The workout today was 3 X 1 miles. This is the beginning of my training for marathons and is usually a 12 week program. I only have 9 weeks until Lake Waramaug Ultras in Connecticut so it's slightly modified.
Since the conditions outside were not conducive for doing repeats I headed to the Wooster Indoor Track. Ran a mile warm up and then went into the 3 mile repeats at slightly faster than marathon pace (8:00). I usually do these at 7:20 to 7:45. Today they were at 7:50/mi. Finished with a mile cool down. I must be slightly out of shape. Being sick twice in two months surely took it's toll. On On!!!!!!!!!
My wife Betty also went with me and walked 2 miles, so pleased she is getting back to walking.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

3 miles and IDT

Today I ran a 3 miler on my treadmill. Legs were a little tired. Did enjoy the 68 degree temperatures inside the house. Oh yeah!

The Loudonville Indoor Track Team (IDT) practiced at the Wooster indoor track. Here are some of the angels at work -- or play?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Rob Powell & I Ran 21 at Mohican

Rob showed up at my house at 8 AM and we head out to do 21 miles at Mohican. You will notice how fresh and vibrant we were prior to our run.
Got down to the covered bridge after depositing a few drinks near Rock Point. We basically left the covered bridge and ran the red loop of the Mohican Trail 100. Once at Rock Point we ran the lime green loop to south park, fire tower , and returned to the covered bridge.
Well as many of you know the frame of mind can make a run go smoothly or not so enjoyable. With the temperature at a balmy 32 degrees and the wind a blowin, I think are attitude was about the same. 'Let's get this dam run over.' and we did.
The trails were not that bad. Some sections were snow covered and some, many were ice covered. That's trail running, you get what ever is out there.
One nice thing, there was no mud to speak of, unlike a week ago at Psycho Wyco, KS.
Our biggest challenges of the day were how to get across Pine Run and Horsetail Run Creeks. They were probably the highest with water I have ever seen. Thank God for dropping a few new trees across them, so we could go across the logs the the other side. Only one stream crossing we had to sacrifice our bodies to the cold raging waters.
All and all not a bad day. Enjoyed Rob's company, as always. And we got in a 21 miler we really did not want to do. And since we saw no one else out there, apparently others felt the same way.

The second picture is of Rob and I after the run today. You would not think 21 miles could cause such a change in a person.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

It is always nice to have a non cold day.

Only ran 3 miles today at Mohican. It was warm 50 with a nice breeze.
I was suppose to run 20, but Rob and I conferred and decided to wait and do it on Monday when it would be much colder. Why not!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Back to Mohican

I ran my normal 5 mile run down at Mohican. Temperature was 35, snow covered and nice.
However, I felt like I was running with an extra 85 pounds on me. I guess I better get to the scales and see if I gained lots of weight. I start my serious training next week. I plan on running on Sunday with Rob Powell, 20 miles. Hope he is easy on me as I am getting close to being another year older - 58.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keeping it clean.

First, I ran 3 miles on my treadmill. To lazy to go outside in the cold. That will change as of tomorrow.
Secondly, after my run I headed down to Loudonville High School to get the indoor track team and head to Wooster High School to use their indoor track. Haley Young one of our distance runners told me she looks at my blog. I, of course was aghast. I know my blog on the Psycho Wyco 50 KM race could be damaging with all the dirty details of the race. So, to all of you offended by my dirty details about all that mud, I am sorry. I will attempt to keep my blog and myself clean in the future.
The indoor track team has been doing well. The team is made up of five boys and two girls.
Nick Kopp, Jace Wolford, Kyle Lemke, Mickey Harvey, Mack Taylor, Liz Reinthal, and Haley Young.
At their first meet the boys were 6th of 23, while the two girls were 16th of 23 schools. Not to bad.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Psycho Wyco 50 Km Run Toto Run

I am glad I didn't write this long version yesterday, race day. Time has away of changing one's outlook.
This is state 37, Kansas.
The day before, Friday, I spot checked the course to see the conditions. The trails were covered with snow and ice, doable. Race day was 31 degrees, however temperatures were to increase into the 40's and sunny.
The race started at 8 am. The group of runners were 1 looper or 10 milers, 2 looper or 20 milers, and of course the 95 - 50 km runners.
My thoughts were to go to the last third of the pack in hopes most of the speed demon
10 & 20 milers were in the front. Error #1.
The trails for the first loop were very snow covered and icy. My shoe selection was perfect for conditions. The trails were 95% single track. This is still included in error #1
The course and Wyandotte County Lake Park are beautiful. The trails during dry spring and fall would be perfect. They compare to Mohican trails. You are either going up or down. The first 0.2 mile is flat,and that is it!
During lap one I had to work to get past runners. On the down hills the dam runners were walking like something was going to break. I just flew down the hills and they did yield. I must say the ice and snow made some sections very dangerous.
However with 7 mile completed I noticed that the ice and snow was melting as the sun was warming the western slopes of the trails. I felt this was a bad omen, as the mud
was slippery then the ice was earlier. My goal was 1:50 for the first loop and I arrived at 2:06. Most of the runners around me were heading to the finish line (10 milers).
Second loop, not the same as the first. After passing the S/F aid station, I headed out alone. Saw no one. It was nice as I got to run the first and second mile fairly easy. Now the sun was warming the eastern slopes. Mud, slippery mud, ankle deep mud. I caught a few people in the Wyandotte Triangle trail section. This is trail that is banked outward and had mud so greasy you would slide off the trail. Error #2, should have wore my Katoohlas. I will stop bitching. Got to the section near the dam and at that point no sun shown there yet. I flew down the hill and passed many runners. After the dam you climb to the western portion of the course were the mud was most intense. This section was well over ankle deep mud, except the section called Festers Run. This section was still in the shade and was laid out by some dam dog. I can't believe a dog was that energetic to go up those steep sections like that. This was still snow covered and icy. Very dangerous.
Made it to 19 miles and was running with several runners. I mentioned how much worse the mud was going to be on the third loop. They told me they were only doing 20 miles.
After stopping at the S/F aid station, I headed out alone for loop three. All by my lonesome. I figured the way I was running, I had to be the last runner. I don't have to tell you, but the third loop was the worst. No traction, hard to stay on the trail and when you did run down hill, the mud was trying to trip you. I have never seen so much mud in my life. I was lucky to have run 2 miles in the last 10 miles.
I never saw another runner during the third loop and the only thing keeping me going was state 37.
The last 0.2 mile was down hill and was rocky and dry, so my finish at least looked good.
Results: State 37 - Kansas
8:07:39, second worst 50 km race
AG - 8 of 10 (50-59)
OA - 49 of 68 There were 95 preregistered.
Saw two pygmy goats, cute and friendly. They must have belonged to the
park manager. (Highlight of the trip)
Note: Mathew Laye won in a time of 4:19:42 (He was the only one to lap me)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Psycho Wyco doesn't like runners!

Well I got my 37th state, Kansas. It wasn't pretty. More tomorrow.
The attack pygmy goats were not seen today, but many other surprises were had.
Don't anyone tell me Kansas is flat. This was my toughest race and that includes 100's.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Psyco Wyco 50 KM Threats Revealed!!!!!!!!

I arrived in Kansas around 3:30 PM today. Picked up my packet, tech shirt (sweet), mug and chip.
No number to hassle with.
After checking into a nice hotel suit, drove to Wyandotte County Lake Park. Nice rolling course, many hills but not Mohican. The west side of course is snow covered, the rest clear. Probably muddy!
Now for the major concern. Rocky Raccoon had its alligators, but Psycho Wyco has viscious pigmy goats. Note the photos of me being threatened.
Can,t wait for tomorrow, but a little shaken.............LOL

Thursday, February 7, 2008


On my way to Psycho Wyco, Kansas City, KS; we stop at Effingham for the night.
I ran for over 30 minutes on the streets of Effingham and a small park called
Evergreen Hollow. It had trails, but I ran those in 5 minutes. Nice to stretch the legs after a 7 hour drive. Tomorrow to KC.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Enjoyable quickie!

What a busy day I had and just not enough time to do the things I enjoy. Before indoor track practice for the Loudonville teams I ran at Mohican. So I had enough time to go and have a quickie at Mohican. Just a three miler, but with temps at 55, foggy and nice, who wouldn't want more.
Four days to Psycho Wyco in Kansas. Oh boy!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Running in a fog.

Again, to Rob 25:08 and Kim 80 miles at Rocky Raccoon 100, congratulations. In 1993 I ran Rocky and had a great time. It was a cooler race that year and they had one less bridge. I remember on my last 20 mile loop the temperatures dropped to 28 and there was the last over the hips stream crossing. I stared at that water for 14 minutes before I plunged across. Upon reaching the other side my pace did increase dramatically.

Saturday I ran 3 miles on my treadmill and had a great treadmill experience. The best ever and that's saying something. The furthest I ran on a tread mill was 10 miles, never again!!!!!!!

Today I was at Mohican and ran 8 miles, both road and trail. At 4 pm it was foggy and surreal.
I just love running in the clouds/fog. I could run forever, not actually just 8.