Monday, February 18, 2008

Rob Powell & I Ran 21 at Mohican

Rob showed up at my house at 8 AM and we head out to do 21 miles at Mohican. You will notice how fresh and vibrant we were prior to our run.
Got down to the covered bridge after depositing a few drinks near Rock Point. We basically left the covered bridge and ran the red loop of the Mohican Trail 100. Once at Rock Point we ran the lime green loop to south park, fire tower , and returned to the covered bridge.
Well as many of you know the frame of mind can make a run go smoothly or not so enjoyable. With the temperature at a balmy 32 degrees and the wind a blowin, I think are attitude was about the same. 'Let's get this dam run over.' and we did.
The trails were not that bad. Some sections were snow covered and some, many were ice covered. That's trail running, you get what ever is out there.
One nice thing, there was no mud to speak of, unlike a week ago at Psycho Wyco, KS.
Our biggest challenges of the day were how to get across Pine Run and Horsetail Run Creeks. They were probably the highest with water I have ever seen. Thank God for dropping a few new trees across them, so we could go across the logs the the other side. Only one stream crossing we had to sacrifice our bodies to the cold raging waters.
All and all not a bad day. Enjoyed Rob's company, as always. And we got in a 21 miler we really did not want to do. And since we saw no one else out there, apparently others felt the same way.

The second picture is of Rob and I after the run today. You would not think 21 miles could cause such a change in a person.


Jeff said...

Sounds like a good run! This winter weather sure makes it hard to run in. I just started reading your blog and noticed you listed mine on your page, thanks! I added yours to my blog and to the list I check everyday.

Don: said...

Jeff, We have met before at one of the TEAM PR runs (NEO Trail Runners).
I am a member and your brother Brian introduced us at one of the runs. The day was cold and snowy over a year ago. I put several of the groups blogs on my page. Thanks for the comments and keep running fast!

Kim said...

ANd here I thought trail running was good for you! That must have been a tough run by the "after " photo!

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Man, who is that dude with all that hair?

Jeff said...

Oh yeah I thought we had met before.