Sunday, February 24, 2008

Late Night Saturday and 10 miles.

The indoor track team competed at the Kenyon College High School Meet and did pretty good for only having 5 boys and two girls. The boys came in 12th out of 23 teams with most of them Division I. The girls did not fair as well with 15th out 17. The highlights were Kyle Lemke winning the 800m in 2:05.93, probably guaranteeing a state berth. 4X800 came in eighth, but more important should be in the top 25 on the state performance list for DIII/II. Haley Young getting a PR in the 3200m and eighth place. The boys 4X400 was 5th. Mack Taylor ran and suffered in the 4X400, what a joy to behold.
Mack also had a shot put throw of 35' 5.5", most likely a PR. Nick Kopp and Liz Reinthal need to run faster over a short distance. I know I have not said anything about Micky Harvey or Jace Wolford, they were part of the 4X400 and the 4X800. Jace did whine and complain all night about not wanting to run the 3200. It did not work, he ran the 3200. Enough said!

My run today was 10 miles around 2:30 PM. It was sunny with snow on the ground and roads in places. I ran near the state forest headquarters. Nice and quiet.

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