Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pre Thanksgiving Runs

It is amazing how quickly a week can slip bye.  Been to two High School Sports banquets, watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows twice, and ran.......
11/18:  Ran 5 miles at Mohican with some trails.
11/19:  Went to Columbus and watched Harry Potter on IMAX, no run on this day!
11/20:  Ran #3 X 20 miles for the week.  This run was a 5 mile easy, 10 miles at tempo pace, and 5 miles easy.
            The run was almost all at tempo pace.  Felt great for a run I did not feel motivated for.
11/21:  Met up with a visiting Loudonville alumn who holds the boys cross country record of 16:24 at the
            5k distance.  Fortunately we went out for a nice paced 5.4 mile run.  Very enjoyable run from LHS     to       Mohican S.P. Class A and return.  Did a lot of catching up, Thanks Jason Neubig.
11/22:  Just a little old 3 miler on roads at Mohican.
11/23:  Jason and I ran for another 7.24 miles around and through Loudonville.  Life is good.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life Gets Busy and Pay the Price.

I could not believe that I had gotten so far behind on my run updates.  It seems life does get in the way at times and apparently the past week is no exception.  So I will play catch up on my training and runs.

#3  3X15:  (Wednesday 11/10)  Did a 15 miler mixed road and trails at Mohican S.P. and Loudonville.  Ran 9.5 miles on trail.  Started with 3.5 miles of easy running, then attempted to maintain 8 miles at tempo pace.  I unfortunately was only able to hold that pace for 6.5 miles.  I finished out the 15 miles at an easy pace.  Just was a little depleted.

11/11:  Day of Rest.
11/12:  Ran 5 miles at Mohican mixed road and trail.
11/13:  Ran 3 miles road at Mohican.  Had a great run.  Felt fresh!
11/14:  Began my 3X20:  #1 was a trail run on the Mohican Bike Trail in reverse from Mohican Class A to the Covered Bridge, returning on Hemlock Trail and finishing with 4+ miles on the Mountain Bike short trail.
Got to run with Mike Patton, Terri Lemke (She ran a 50k the day before), Michelle Bischel, and Mitch.  Had a good run and completed it around 4 hours and 17 minutes.
11/15:  Due to schedule conflicts this week was not meant to be for 3 consecutive 20 milers, so this was a 5 miler mixed with trails and road at Mohican.  Not so good of a run.
11/16:  2X20:  #2 again was a trail run using the Red/Green Loop of the Mohican Trail 100.  On a cold wet morning I met with Terri L., Tom Patton, and Cheryl Splain.  Due to the damp cold we moved slowly and once at Rock Point we continued on at a little faster pace.  It rain pretty good on us making for not so great of a day on the trails.  However, it is in the books and had some fun running with friends.
11/17:  Ran 3 miles at Mohican on road.
So there we are with a planned run today of 5 miles, off on Friday and the 3rd 20 miler on Saturday being 10 miles of tempo pace.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 X 15 #2: Mohican Trails

I met up with Terri Lemke, Dan Bellinger, Tom Patton, Cheryl Splain, and Julie Bowen-Miller for a 15 mile trail on the orange loop of Mohican Trail 100, Tuesday, November 9.
We all arrive near to 8 AM and got started at 8:15 AM from the 'Forget the PR' pavilion and headed to the beginning of the Mountain Bike Trail running orange in reverse.  The first 2 miles are up hill and then gets rolling there after for a nice runnable trail.  I had posted water at approximately 8.5 miles, so we refreshed and headed to the covered bridge.  The temperatures began around 34 and rose to 54, but it was a nice calm clear day.
When we arrived at the covered bridge, Dan's and my garmin indicated a little aver 10.7 miles complete.  I thought that with a new section of trail the course was much shorter.  I however forgot that the Mohican 100 goes to Hickory Ridge and deviates from the Mountain Bike Trail causing the difference in the mileage.  So all is well!

From the covered bridge (Bridge is completed so no detour.) we headed to the Class A campground via Hemlock Trail.  Dan and Terri picked up the pace which I was not able to match and got ahead of me.  I continued to North Rim Trail with it's brutal climb and finished off the last mile.  The run felt great.  Time goes by very quickly when running with friends.

Monday, November 8, 2010

3X15 Miles: #1

Ran the first of three 15 milers today on the Kokosing Gap Trail from Gambier to Danville.  Of course you have to return.  The temperature was 54, sun, windy.  Great day for a lonesome run.  Maintained 9 minute miles for the distance.  This was an easy road run.  Tomorrow morning will run at Mohican on trails doing the orange loop.  Should be fun and running with a group of friends.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catching Up!

Sorry got a little behind, so here's a little catching up.
Nov. 4 (Thur.) ran 12 miles with Terri Lemke, Tom Patton, Dan Bellinger, and Cheryl Splain using the Exterra Trail course plus a little extra to the dam.  Had a great run and good comardarie with friends while we ran a very tough course.  This was 32 for 12 milers this week.

Friday was an off day, not that I wanted to but was to busy to get a run done.

Saturday did #3 12 miler at Mohican on roads.  This was a tempo run so ran 2 miles easy, 8 miles tempo and finished with 2 miles easy.  Nice day and a good run.

Sunday did a easy 3 miler at Mohican on roads, nothing special.  Just got it done.

Next week, starting tomorrow 3 X 15 miles.  Go Go Go!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kokosing Gap Trail 12 Mile Run

Headed down to Gambier (Home of Kenyon College) to do my first of 3X12 mile runs.
A beautiful day with the temperature at the start around 42, sunny and a bit of a chilled breeze.  I decided to take off towards Mt. Vernon going 4.5 miles and returning.  From my starting point at Gambier, I headed towards Danville, about 1.5 miles out and returned.  Nothing fancy, just a nice consistent run, enjoying life.
This would count as the road 12 miler.
Mike K. was supposed to run with me on Mohican trails this evening.  I have not heard from him so he is probably flying somewhere or chasing some young lady.  Tomorrow morning 12 miles on Mohican trails.