Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Day for a Trail Run

What a day, 70's, sun, and a breeze. This is like heaven so why not do a trail run.
Of course Mohican is the destination and the orange loop plus is the trails.
My wife packed a lunch for when we finished, so she went for a long walk and I headed to the trails.
We actually did the run/walk around noon to avoid the mountain bike race of 100 miles.
So off I went heading to the covered bridge and about two miles in I ran into Mike K. who with his group are walking 24 hours of trails. He said all was well and we continued in opposite directions on our journey.
Today I was trying to mimic my race plans for Mohican Trail 100. So pace was everything and not being a speed demon even though the desire was there with such a nice day. Made it to the covered bridge under planned time, so eased up and headed onto the bike trail. I did force myself to walk some in the next 4 mile section. After three miles I heard these voices from behind me. It could not be mountain bikes as the course is in one direction at that point. It also seemed take a long time for them to get closer. But finally I heard a comment and a familiar voice. Sure enough it was some well known runners in the Mohican area. Regis Shivers Jr., Gabe Rainwater, and one other. We rain for 3 miles together discussing Mohican 100 and MMT 100. After three miles I realized I was running much faster than planned and let them slip away.

With 4 miles to go I noticed mountain bikers and signs directing them in the same direction I would be running. So the 100 bike race was upon me. Only they were going the same way as me.
Mountain bikes can be very quiet and heading down a steep hill can be treacherous.
So I kept looking over my shoulder and running fast when no bike was in sight and stopped when they flew by.

I did finish well under the pace I had planned, but circunstances had some to do with that.
In the morning I plan to run with the Mansfield Running Club from the YMCA.

Time to get some needed sleep.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Pineland Farms 50 Mile Race

May 24, 2009 at 6 AM in New Gloucester, Maine I toed the line for the Pineland Farm 50 Mile Race. There were 84 on the line for the 50 miler of which 76 finished. I finished 70th in 10:58:45.
Also, but not that spectacular I was 2nd in my age group.

The Plan:
The race plan was to run this race as a training run for Mohican Trail 100 and not a full out race.
The first 20 miles was to be run at 5 mph pace and the remaining 30 miles at 12-15 minute miles. This meant I had to hold back and force myself to maintain a slower pace than I would have if racing.
I am hoping this will help me for Mohican.
I was under four hours for the first 20 miles, goal met.
The remaining miles averaged at 13:35 miles. This was a little faster overall then I wanted, but goal met.

The Trip:
Rob Powell came over to my house on Friday night to sleep over as we had a 7 A.M. flight out of Akron-Canton Airport. Rob has a major sciatica problem and it was quite noticeable on Friday night, as well as Saturday morning. He could barely get around and could not drive. Sitting was unbearable. We did make it to Portland, Maine with Rob taking many resting pauses as needed.
I felt there was no way he could run a 50 mile race on Sunday.
We did are packet pickup, ate at Olive Garden and checked into the Clarion Hotel. Rob laid on his back from that point on and through the night.
Sunday, race morning, we got up and Rob felt it was unlikely he could race. No lie......
Rob drove me to New Gloucester, Maine at Pineland Farms. Waited for the race to start and was heading back to the hotel for rest. He was coming back to see me finish after 10 hours.
I am not going to tell you what Rob did, you must read his blog to see the rest of this story.

My Race:
At 6 A.M. the race took off to run the first loop of 3.5 miles. Remember I am to run this at 10 minute miles. This location is beautiful setting with wide trails traveling through woods and fields around this stately farm. The central portion of the race looks like an Ivy League College Campus. Just an unbelievable setting.
I finished the 3.5 miles in 34:30, so pretty much on.
Now begins the three 25km loops. Every 5 km is marked making pacing an easy measure.
First time through no problem running around 12:30 pace, slightly faster than wanted.
Second loop, the 25 km race began and these fast runners were flying by like a 5km race.
This actually motivated me and I felt like running with some for short spurts, or at least till the hill were going up. Completed the second loop with 13:45 minute miles.
Now the third time through the start/finish line where large group of runners (25km/50km) were eating, drinking free beer, and celebrating and I had to proceed on for another 25 km. Now that is true mental preparation for a 100 mile race.
The final loop saw the skies clear and the sun in it's full glory. It did feel warmer. Now the only other runners you saw were the ones passing you in the 50 mile race or the ones you were passing. The plan was holding with 14:25 per mile pace and meeting the goal. I felt I could do this all day, which I will have to at Mohican.
On On.....I finished. Met my goals, talked to Seth and his girlfriend Francis from CT. Ran with Seth a year ago at Lake Waramaug 50 km. He is planning on doing Vermont 100.
Ate and drank beer with Rob, and Greg from Ohio.
Interesting story Rob had tell about his 50 KM race.

Achieved state number 40 towards the 50 States Club (Marathon or greater).
Now Mohican Trail 100 is awaiting.
Anyone wanting a well run race in a beautiful setting in Maine, this is a must do!

Monday, May 4, 2009

No Rhyme Nor Reason

I find boring repetition a means of preparing myself for long run such as 100 milers.
So this week my goal is to run a 10 mile run every day until Sunday. On Sunday I will run a 25 miler. I don't know why but these kind of runs play with the mind and that is exactly what a 100 miler does. So it works for me. Let the fun begin.
Sunday 10 miles on Kokosing Gap Trail and today 10 miles in Mohican mostly trail.

Race plans:
5/24 Pineland 50 mile, Maine
5/30 No Frills Just Hills 6 hr., CVNP, OH
6/13 Sandhills Marathon, NE
6/20 Mohican Trail 100, OH
9/24 Clarence Demar Marathon, NH
11/16 Warwick 6 hr., RI