Saturday, May 30, 2009

Great Day for a Trail Run

What a day, 70's, sun, and a breeze. This is like heaven so why not do a trail run.
Of course Mohican is the destination and the orange loop plus is the trails.
My wife packed a lunch for when we finished, so she went for a long walk and I headed to the trails.
We actually did the run/walk around noon to avoid the mountain bike race of 100 miles.
So off I went heading to the covered bridge and about two miles in I ran into Mike K. who with his group are walking 24 hours of trails. He said all was well and we continued in opposite directions on our journey.
Today I was trying to mimic my race plans for Mohican Trail 100. So pace was everything and not being a speed demon even though the desire was there with such a nice day. Made it to the covered bridge under planned time, so eased up and headed onto the bike trail. I did force myself to walk some in the next 4 mile section. After three miles I heard these voices from behind me. It could not be mountain bikes as the course is in one direction at that point. It also seemed take a long time for them to get closer. But finally I heard a comment and a familiar voice. Sure enough it was some well known runners in the Mohican area. Regis Shivers Jr., Gabe Rainwater, and one other. We rain for 3 miles together discussing Mohican 100 and MMT 100. After three miles I realized I was running much faster than planned and let them slip away.

With 4 miles to go I noticed mountain bikers and signs directing them in the same direction I would be running. So the 100 bike race was upon me. Only they were going the same way as me.
Mountain bikes can be very quiet and heading down a steep hill can be treacherous.
So I kept looking over my shoulder and running fast when no bike was in sight and stopped when they flew by.

I did finish well under the pace I had planned, but circunstances had some to do with that.
In the morning I plan to run with the Mansfield Running Club from the YMCA.

Time to get some needed sleep.


Anonymous said...

Great seeing you Don. I already checked in with Rob to give him my walk report...we made 21 hours and all chose to quit early, and I can only guess for now that we did 45-50 miles, I am thinking more towards 45.

Don: said...

Wow! That's a lot of walking.
It was a nice day to go so far and in the end end up at the same place. lol.