Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back in a Flash.

So after a long absence I am back. How time does fly by.
It seems I stopped by to review what I last posted and noted my plans for the beginning of the year. As things go in life my plans have not been met. However, we will plug on as I have entered the four races in June and will do those races no matter the preparations I currently have attained or haven't.
So the races planned are Bear Lake Marathon, ID on June 11th; Bear Lake Marathon, UT on June 12th; Estes Park Marathon, CO on June 13th; and Bighorn Mountain Trail 50 km on June 19th.
This coming week I will do a simulation of three marathons in a row or a close as One can by running 25 miles on Tues, 25 miles on Wed., and 25 miles on Thurs. I will keep you posted on how that goes.
Since January I did get the Mohican Trail 100 course measured and course description completed.
Indoor Track was concluded with three of my high school athletes going to the Ohio High School State Indoor Meet at Akron University.
And currently Outdoor Track is winding down with conference this week and next week the District Meet at Norwayne High School.
It is also a time for preparations for the Cross Country season coming this fall. It's a continuous circle.
I will be reviewing my options for coaching this coming year, it may be time for new and fresh life to be given to these athletes. Later..........................................