Sunday, July 26, 2009

On Top of Things.

Well so much for my weekly reviews of my training. I last left you with my stellar training from week #1, now I am starting week #4. So what happened to week #2 & #3. Let's review quickly so not to bore you.
Week #2:
7/13 Repeats of 3X1 mile @ 7:59 Total of 8 miles.
7/14 3.8 miles with the Mansfield Y RC, Woodlands Loop. Good company and Mexican
food after.
7/18 Ran a 5 km cross country race at Camp Mowanna in 25:03. Not to bad for not being in 5k
shape. Very hilly!

Week #3:
7/19 Ran 12 miles with the Mansfield Y RC in Lexington. Betty walked 5 miles also.
7/21 Did a tempo run of 6 miles. Max HR 164, average 148.
Also, down to 140 lbs. from 154.
The big things to occur were the Half Blood Prince and the Tour De France.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Week 1

A review of week 1 of my twelve week program for marathon training. The focus marathon will be the Clarence DeMar in New Hampshire on September 27.
Weight starting: 151
Weight today: 145

Sunday: 5.5 miles on trail. Great fast run.
Monday: 5 miles, road.
Tuesday: 5.5 miles, trail.
Wednesday: 2 mile warm up, 5X800 at 5 km pace, 2 mile cool down.
Thursday: 5.2 miles.
Friday: Rest day.
Saturday: 7 mile road run with 3 miles at tempo pace (HR. high 161, range: 145-161).

This coming week has two interval workouts plus an 18 mile run. Race a 5 km on cross country course this coming Saturday. Run through the Pines, Camp Mowana, Mansfield.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Beat Goes On!

After the Mohican Trail 100, or lack there of, I decided to reassess my plans for future runs.
Only making it to the 37 mile mark of Mohican was a real disappointment. Should I go after another or be satisfied with my past 100 mile accomplishments.
What are my goals for the future? Well to be honest 100's are not on top my list, so what is? Getting 50 states and DC are my #1 goal. So it is time to keep the focus on states 42-50 plus DC.
So that's the plan and once it is achieved it may be time to look at other goals for the future.
I will begin my 12 week marathon training on Sunday, July 5. The fall marathon I am preparing for is the Clarence DeMar Marathon in Keene, New Hampshire (#42).

So for some near term races I will do a couple of 5 k's and a 1/2 marathon:
7/18 - Run through the Pines 5 km cross country
8/15 - Canalway Classic 5 km
9/12 or 13 - Find a 1/2 marathon
9/27 - Clarence DeMar Marathon
11/15 - RI6hour Ultra (#43).

My weeks after Mohican have been maintenance or 5/5/3/3/8/5/off or 31 miles/week.
Next week things will gear up with two tempo or greater workouts.
Sun. - 5
Mon. - 5
Tues. - 2+(5X800)+2
Wed. - 5
Thurs. - 7(3@tempo pace)
Fri. - 5
Sat.- off

Let the fun begin....................................