Sunday, July 26, 2009

On Top of Things.

Well so much for my weekly reviews of my training. I last left you with my stellar training from week #1, now I am starting week #4. So what happened to week #2 & #3. Let's review quickly so not to bore you.
Week #2:
7/13 Repeats of 3X1 mile @ 7:59 Total of 8 miles.
7/14 3.8 miles with the Mansfield Y RC, Woodlands Loop. Good company and Mexican
food after.
7/18 Ran a 5 km cross country race at Camp Mowanna in 25:03. Not to bad for not being in 5k
shape. Very hilly!

Week #3:
7/19 Ran 12 miles with the Mansfield Y RC in Lexington. Betty walked 5 miles also.
7/21 Did a tempo run of 6 miles. Max HR 164, average 148.
Also, down to 140 lbs. from 154.
The big things to occur were the Half Blood Prince and the Tour De France.


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Nice weight loss Don!

Mark said...

Yeah, nice weight loss, good running, good summer if you ask me : )

Don: said...

After the stuff I ate this past week when I do my weigh in tomorrow...Well lets hope for the status quot.
This has been one great summer for running and training.
Mark, what's your next event??

4-EVER RUNNING said...

I finally have started a blog but it needs a lot of work,I need to get some pictures entered, it just takes me awhile LOL Sounds like every thing is going well with your running. When does c-c start. I have not ran with Haley since the 100. I need to get together with her before the summer is out Terri

Mark said...

I did BR. Slow and ugly but I finished so I am happy as a clam!!!
When do I see you next? I'd invite myself up to Mohican except for the horrible horrible pain in my feet : )...and the cramping in my face from all the smiling.