Saturday, July 26, 2008

No Big Deal, Just 3

Today I was supposed to do 8 miles, but time was at a premium so did 3 miles.
Ran from my house to the lodge road and returned. Felt ok, thank goodness for the breeze as it was already 81 and humid.
Tomorrow intervals on the track. 8 X 200!

Three by Ones's

10 AM went to the B+O Trail in Butler to do my 3 x 1 mile intervals.
I waited to long since the temperature was at 79 and kind of humid. Lots of sun.
I began with a 2 mile warm up then did 1 mile intervals at a goal of 8:05.
The first mile was 8:01, 2nd 8:00, and 3rd 8:03. Three minute rest was allowed between each mile. I actually thought I would run at 7:30 but my chest and lungs just burned. I was trying but not much gas in the tank today.
Followed up with a mile cool down.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boom Boom Boom!

3:30 PM I headed out from my house to do a 5 mile run to the Lodge and back. Nice partly sunny skies with temperatures around 70 and low humidity. I did notice while running that a black spot loamed in the distance to the west. I trudged on and all of the sudden the black spot caught up and over me. Now the skies were very dark with strong winds and torrential rain down pour. Then the loud booms came from the skies but no lightning. I was concerned but no place to get cover.
So I figured if I made it to the lodge I would seek shelter there.
As sudden as it came the skies lightened up with refreshing showers. On my return and before arriving back at home it was again partly sunny.

Monday, July 21, 2008

10 Miles of Trail

At 7 am I went down to Mohican S. P. Class A Campground and met up with one of my cross country runners. He wants to get out and run some miles on trails. Jace and I headed out to the covered bridge and then to Big Lyons Falls. We returned the way we came. Jace wanted to increase the pace so I told him he knew the way back and I would see him there. It was a pleasant 75 degrees with high humidity. Nice run. Tomorrow I will take him out on the bike trail to the covered bridge and return to the campground for 13 miles.
One benefit is he runs the trails in road shoes, so that helps me keep up with him on the trail runs.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

25,000 Miles

OK, there you have it, it is now in the books and I can work towards 50,000 miles.
At 10 am I met Rob Powell down at the covered bridge at Mohican. We were both going to run the 4 miles I needed but he decided not to go the distance as he payed dearly at the Buckeye Trail 50 km yesterday. It was probably best as I didn't want to run him into the ground on this day.
So out I went feeling fine. Got to Little Lyons Falls and proceeded to climb out and headed to the dam. Then up the climb towards the lodge entrance and back down the trail. At Big Lyons Falls with less than a mile to go I was quite impressed with my time and headed back to the covered bridge, reaching it in 48:10. Now that is a good time for me and it has been some time since I have ran that section that fast.
At the end Rob 'Buckeye the Nut' Powell, Colleen 'Purple Lady' Theusch, Leo 'The Lion' Lightner, and Marcia Fry were there to cheer for me.
Many thanks for the cake, food and excellent friendship. This made all those miles worth while.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

4 to Go................................................................

Today and yesterday I started my runs at the same time (12:37 PM). Both days were equally warm and humid, but today had a favorable breeze.
Yesterday I ran my normal 5 miler at Mohican S.P. Campground with 2 miles of trail. It was a nice run.
Today's run began from my house to the Mohican Lodge Rd. 3 miles round trip, so I added 53 feet to the end to make 3.01. Why? That leaves exactly 4 miles for tomorrow to attain 25,000 miles of recorded running.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tempo Run

Today I ran a 7 mile run with 3 miles at tempo pace. Ran with one of my athletes and a friend.
Began at the LHS track and ran 2 miles at aerobic pace, then 3 miles at tempo. I used my heart monitor to get between 75-80% HR. I went to 163 at the end of the 3 miles or 85%. We finished the run off with a final 2 miles. Not to bad with temperature at 70 and very high humidity. This is going to be a warm day. All road.

Yesterday, I ran 5 miles at Mohican S.P., Class A campground around 3 pm. It included 2 miles of trails. 89 degrees, very humid, calm.....WOW did I suffer through this run.

14.01 miles to the magic 25,000 recorded miles.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Intervals on the Track

This is my 1st week into the 12 week training program in preparation for New Hampshire Marathon.
Monday I ran 3.1 mile trail run near Mohican Forest Headquarters.
Today, however was the 1st interval workout. A 2 mile warm up, 5 x 800 at 3:30 , and finish with a 2 mile cool down. Not to bad as I averaged 3:32, had one bad interval that was over. My heart rate hit 170 as a high with a quick recovery during the 3 minute rest between intervals. Being 58 years old, my measured Max. HR is 192, 170 should be 85% of max. Not to bad.

Count down to 25,000 recorded miles on my log: 24.01 miles to go (24,975.99). Sunday at 10 am at the covered bridge. Will run the purple Lyons Falls loop to make 25,000 miles even. Join us.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wet Muddy Sloppy Trails of Mohican

6:00 AM I met Rob for a 10.75 mile trail run on the orange loop of the Mohican 100 course, slightly modified. It was raining and very humid. I have more problems with breathing in high humidity than high altitude running, go figure. The trails were wet, muddy and surreal. Just loved it. Rob finished with me then met Luc at the covered bridge to run with him on his 20 mile run. They should be finishing about now. I went home and watched the Tour De France. A nice day. Tomorrow will start my marathon focus training, week 1 of 12.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Blogger Blues

Yesterday I ran 6 miles of trails in the wilds of Mohican and had an excellent run. It was an eerie one at that, but a good one. The eerie part was the lack of sound. Dead quiet, not even a bird. Strange! There were lots of hikers out on the trails, but quiet. Strange!
Well what's this got to do with the blues. Nothing, I just wanted to document my run yesterday.
Now the 'Summer Blogger Blues'. I noticed I have a hard time during the summer sitting down and writing a blog. I thought it was me, but I noticed other bloggers wrote a lot less at this time then when the season was not as warm. In fact the only one with an excuse for not blogging for a period was Josh 'On The Run' aka pickle who was on vacation in Yellowstone. A poor excuse not to Blog as I took my laptop while on trips and Blogged all the same. But anyhow there is less Blogging going on by all. I think it comes down to sitting at the computer while the weather is to nice to be inside.
So there you have it many of us are most likely doing our runs and enjoying the outdoors at this time, we aren't letting the rest of the world know.
Tomorrow morning Rob 'Buckeye' Powell and myself are going for a trail run in Mohican at 6 am. We will do 10+ miles and return in time for Rob to run with Luc. Rob plans 20 miles with Luc. I will however go back to bed.
On July 19, Rob and anyone else who wants to run and celebrate my 25,000 recorded mile will run from the Covered Bridge in Mohican. The run will be the purple loop of Mohican 100 the 4 miles I will need to make the distance. Then some photos to be taken for documentations and onward for more running. Time to be announced.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ashland Balloonfest 5KM

Saturday I ran the Ashland Balloonfest 5Km race. Well I did place 2nd of 8 in my age group, my time indicated I was way behind in race preparation. My time was 24:06 finishing 129th out of 327.
You could not ask for a nicer day being in the 70's, sun, clear. Several of the Loudonville CC runners were there as well as Terri Lemke. Here's there results: 20th Jace Wolford 19:18, 22nd and 2nd overall women Terri Lemke 19:22, and 137th Haley Young 24:24. Haley was out to beat me and I had hope she would have. I even told her my strategy. I had planned to go out fast the first mile. She was with me and faded a little on the inclines. Well I faded too as I was not able to hold 7:45 pace per mile. Oh well, I guess I need to work some more. Haley is training well and should be able to take me in a few weeks, but we shall see.

I will change my projection again for the 25,000 mile day back to July 20th. Oh yeah!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Playing Catchup Again!

No I'm not trying to catchup on my miles, just catchup my BLOG.
On Wednesday I went to visit my parents in Boardman so did a run on both Wednesday and Thursday in Millcreek Park. This is a beautiful setting for running. My play area as a child.
On Wednesday I ran a little 3 miler after it had just rained. That was nice.
Thursday I ran a 6.2 mile loop I have from my parents house and it travels around Newport Lake. Always enjoy running in the park. Should do it more often.
Friday I was back home so ran my three mile loop at Mohican. Lots of people, but one would expect it for 4th of July.

I am getting closer to that magic 25,000 miles of running. I have 63.25 miles to go. I thought I would hit it on the 19th of July, but now the 13th looks more likely. Do you see this Rob?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Core of the Problem.

On Monday I began a core body strengthening program to get me stronger. With some upper body weights and an ab workouts I hope to be on course for support of the central core, which will help on the long haul.

Tuesday I ran 5.6 miles to the lodge and back. This is a nice hilly road run from my house. It was warm, but the breeze did help. I plan on visiting my parent on Wednesday and Thursday. Will update on my return. Of course while I'm there I will run in Millcreek Park, home of TEAM PR and NEO Trail Runners.