Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Boom Boom Boom!

3:30 PM I headed out from my house to do a 5 mile run to the Lodge and back. Nice partly sunny skies with temperatures around 70 and low humidity. I did notice while running that a black spot loamed in the distance to the west. I trudged on and all of the sudden the black spot caught up and over me. Now the skies were very dark with strong winds and torrential rain down pour. Then the loud booms came from the skies but no lightning. I was concerned but no place to get cover.
So I figured if I made it to the lodge I would seek shelter there.
As sudden as it came the skies lightened up with refreshing showers. On my return and before arriving back at home it was again partly sunny.


Nick said...

I was caught one time out on a run when a storm came through. There was no place to go. Either under a tree - bad idea, or out in the open -bad idea.
The hail came down hard, so I hid behind a tree. The lightning was so bad.

Don: said...

The worst storm situation I was in was running Old Dominion 100 in the mid 90's. It was night and a storm rolled in. I was on a section of trail in which aid stations were far apart. I can remember lightning flashes all around and trees crashing down around me. Some runners were huddled among the huge rocks while others were hiding by trees. I ran like hell. I figured my chances were better on the move. Water was rolling down the trails like rivers. I finished.