Saturday, July 26, 2008

Three by Ones's

10 AM went to the B+O Trail in Butler to do my 3 x 1 mile intervals.
I waited to long since the temperature was at 79 and kind of humid. Lots of sun.
I began with a 2 mile warm up then did 1 mile intervals at a goal of 8:05.
The first mile was 8:01, 2nd 8:00, and 3rd 8:03. Three minute rest was allowed between each mile. I actually thought I would run at 7:30 but my chest and lungs just burned. I was trying but not much gas in the tank today.
Followed up with a mile cool down.


Haley said...

Hey don! Good to see you hit your 25,000 miles!

Don: said...

I would have preferred hitting the beach. How was the vacation. I hope you did not get too much sun. CC will be soon.