Friday, July 4, 2008

Playing Catchup Again!

No I'm not trying to catchup on my miles, just catchup my BLOG.
On Wednesday I went to visit my parents in Boardman so did a run on both Wednesday and Thursday in Millcreek Park. This is a beautiful setting for running. My play area as a child.
On Wednesday I ran a little 3 miler after it had just rained. That was nice.
Thursday I ran a 6.2 mile loop I have from my parents house and it travels around Newport Lake. Always enjoy running in the park. Should do it more often.
Friday I was back home so ran my three mile loop at Mohican. Lots of people, but one would expect it for 4th of July.

I am getting closer to that magic 25,000 miles of running. I have 63.25 miles to go. I thought I would hit it on the 19th of July, but now the 13th looks more likely. Do you see this Rob?


Kim said...

I like running in Mill Creek Park. Did you take to the trails or the road?
25,000, wow, that's alot of miles.
Can I say, I probably will never drive that far?

Mike said...

Where is your 2 mile loop of I might ask? And also what Kim said...25000...wowee! I never kept track of my miles from the start. I CAN tell you I have FLOWN more miles than that...hehe.

Don: said...

I ran on road primarily for time sake. Of course I could have ran 3 miles of it on trail. This is the section around Newport Lake that has road during YUTZY 50 KM. I have drove well over 25,000 miles in my lifetime, it may be near 1 million.

That was a 6.2 mile loop and it starts at my parents house about 1/2 mile from Lake Newport in Millcreek, then run the roads completely around Lake Newport including Latermen Falls. It is a quick an easy run to get up and do well visiting my parents and not cut into visiting time.
I can believe 25,000 miles is accomplished very quickly in an airplane. In fact I may have that many miles as a passenger. I will never get it as a pilot.

Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Yes, I see that. Now it is the 20th. 25,000 miles is a bunch