Sunday, July 20, 2008

25,000 Miles

OK, there you have it, it is now in the books and I can work towards 50,000 miles.
At 10 am I met Rob Powell down at the covered bridge at Mohican. We were both going to run the 4 miles I needed but he decided not to go the distance as he payed dearly at the Buckeye Trail 50 km yesterday. It was probably best as I didn't want to run him into the ground on this day.
So out I went feeling fine. Got to Little Lyons Falls and proceeded to climb out and headed to the dam. Then up the climb towards the lodge entrance and back down the trail. At Big Lyons Falls with less than a mile to go I was quite impressed with my time and headed back to the covered bridge, reaching it in 48:10. Now that is a good time for me and it has been some time since I have ran that section that fast.
At the end Rob 'Buckeye the Nut' Powell, Colleen 'Purple Lady' Theusch, Leo 'The Lion' Lightner, and Marcia Fry were there to cheer for me.
Many thanks for the cake, food and excellent friendship. This made all those miles worth while.


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Great job Don!

Nick said...

Awesome accomplishment Don.

Kim said...

Congratulations Don!!! Here's to many more miles!!

Josh said...

25,000!!!!!!! You are the man!!!!!

Don: said...

Rob, Kim, Nick and Josh;
Thank you for the congrats, very much appreciated.
Remember one foot in front of the other and repeat many many times.

Luc said...

Wow!! Congratulations! It was great to meet you the day before you accomplished this "feet". :) And, cool cake! :)