Friday, November 28, 2008

Braking Stagnation

Yesterday I was in Boardman visiting my parents for Thanksgiving. I got up early in the morning to do my run from their home and to Mill Creek Park just down the road. I have a 10 km loop I like to run. The morning was crisp and clear with the temperature at 32 degrees.
As I was running traversing Newport Lake I was amazed how invigorating the run was to me.
I just wanted to run on for miles, but unfortunately family had some expectation of my visit.
There were many walkers and runners out and about doing their exercise before the gluttony of the day was to take place.
My run was very refreshing and hopefully will help with the stagnation that has taken place in my own running.
Here's hoping all had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yoga 2 A Better Day!

I did Yoga at the YMCA last night and it went a little better. I am still as inflexible as a brick, but it's nice to know some younger folks are less flexible than me. I hope yoga will give me the ability down the road to run like a gazelle.

Ran 3 miles yesterday to the lodge road.
Ran 5 miles on Monday at Mohican, partly trail and partly road. Also, did my ab workout.
This is officially my Week #1 workout towards the Ghost Town 38.5 mile run, New Mexico.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

15 Miles on the Trails of Mohican

Today I ran 15 miles on the trails of Mohican. Meeting with the early birds at 8 AM, we ran the infamous purple loop (Rob, Michelle, and Mike from Columbus). At the 3 mile point of the run we ran into the Medina Connection (Roy Heger, Patrick, and others---oops at 58 you tend to forget names and other things.). After returning to the covered bridge we headed out the red loop to the bridle staging area and continued to a point where me and Rob planned to abort to do a section of trail to be used on 'Forget the PR 50KM' race to be held on April 19th. The others went on to Rock Point then back to the covered bridge via south park and fire tower.
I was pleased with my 15 miles and seeing a section of trail I have not run before.
The weather was much cooler and some runners not to be named made fun of my attire. I was however very comfortable and did not get overheated.
Thanks Rob for making me do the additional 0.3 miles to make 15 miles even.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Here's a challenge for 'One-More-Mile'

Many people are very generous and give to charities all the time and some people don't.
There is a race or challenge going on as we speak to raise money for two charities. The winner's charity and the race director's charity. The contestants each pledge an entry and how these monies will be distributed is based on running one mile starting November 1st, then adding one mile each continuing day. So on November 30 they will run 30 miles and December 1st it will be 31 miles.
Lot's of miles. Now my challenge isn't just to see the monies for the charities. I think the suffering by the runners is much more desirable. If the monies are high they won't cave as easy, so let's make them suffer for the win (Last Athlete STanding). If you would like to follow the venture go to I know they will keep this up if the donations pour in and I would to see just who is willing to endure the most pain for their charity.

Oh by the way I ran 10 miles today in the pouring rain at 53 degrees. Now that's running weather.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yoga and running.

I told some of my cross country runners who are very tight and inflexible, that they should try yoga. They pointed out that I was also very inflexible. My inflexibility has to do with age and stubbornness. Now let's get back to running and yoga.
So I found a class or yoga session at a nearby YMCA and we tried it out on Tuesday night.
Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, I must say that was some workout for something I thought was more in the meditation and reflection mode. You actually have to do stuff. I was exhausted after the first session. Hold on, so were the kids. One even asked if I thought they might be sore the next day.
I think over time we may become more flexible so we are going to continue the weekly routine.
The instructor did tell us that we did fairly well considering she did not start us out in basic mode, but we did more advanced yoga.

Now to running. I ran 3 on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday and shortly will be doing 10 on Mohican trails. On-on!

Monday, November 3, 2008

I Know Why I Don't Like To Put It In Writing!

I thought Blogging was a great tool and would keep one on task once a plan was laid out.
Well I laid out a plan and laid an egg. Since I got side tracked my plan went out the window.
So now Plan Redo.
I will begin my 10 week plan next Sunday heading to the Ghost Town 38.5 mile race in New Mexico in February. This week I have challenged myself with 10's. Ten miles every day through Friday.

I ran 11.7 miles on Saturday with Rob 'My Aching Back' Powell, formerly Rob '?' Powell. It was a nice run and we ran a section of the Mohican 50km. I will be #13 and I am entered.
Today I ran the 1st 10 miler. What a nice day. I hope winter is like this every day.

Tomorrow I will start core strengthening and Yoga. Yes I said Yoga. I can't believe I am really going to do this. I talked several cross country runners into doing it and they would if I did.
So I will do it until they quit, then it will probably be history. Who knows.

Race plan for the next several months: 12/13 Urineo 50 miles, OH
1/18 Ghost Town 38.5 Miles, NM
2/7 Rocky Raccoon 100, TX
3/21 National Marathon, DC
4/18 Forget the PR, Mohican 50 km, OH
5/30 No Frills Just Hills 6 Hour, OH
There you have it. See you later..........................................