Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yoga and running.

I told some of my cross country runners who are very tight and inflexible, that they should try yoga. They pointed out that I was also very inflexible. My inflexibility has to do with age and stubbornness. Now let's get back to running and yoga.
So I found a class or yoga session at a nearby YMCA and we tried it out on Tuesday night.
Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll, I must say that was some workout for something I thought was more in the meditation and reflection mode. You actually have to do stuff. I was exhausted after the first session. Hold on, so were the kids. One even asked if I thought they might be sore the next day.
I think over time we may become more flexible so we are going to continue the weekly routine.
The instructor did tell us that we did fairly well considering she did not start us out in basic mode, but we did more advanced yoga.

Now to running. I ran 3 on Tuesday, 5 on Wednesday and shortly will be doing 10 on Mohican trails. On-on!


Mike said...

Don - thank you! May I publicly relate the piece of mail I just got on my blog? (It might give others the same idea....) Won't do it without your permission.

Glad you are trying something new with the yoga. I think it is always good to mix it up some. You will probably get more benefit from that than a few training runs.

On-On - everything I do right now is secretly my base building for Mo2009.

Don: said...

Yes, if it will help create interest in making donation's by non-competitors to help the winner's charity and your charity.
I would like to relate something but best by personal email. If you could send your email to
I hope your focus and training get you to the finish line for 2009 Mo.

haley said...

Don are you calling Terri a kid? ah hahahaa

Don: said...

No I am not calling Terri a kid. I was just using poetic freedom in writing. Therefore you are both singular and plural.
Congratulations on the Honorable Mention in the Ashland T-G Cross Country all Star Team.