Monday, November 3, 2008

I Know Why I Don't Like To Put It In Writing!

I thought Blogging was a great tool and would keep one on task once a plan was laid out.
Well I laid out a plan and laid an egg. Since I got side tracked my plan went out the window.
So now Plan Redo.
I will begin my 10 week plan next Sunday heading to the Ghost Town 38.5 mile race in New Mexico in February. This week I have challenged myself with 10's. Ten miles every day through Friday.

I ran 11.7 miles on Saturday with Rob 'My Aching Back' Powell, formerly Rob '?' Powell. It was a nice run and we ran a section of the Mohican 50km. I will be #13 and I am entered.
Today I ran the 1st 10 miler. What a nice day. I hope winter is like this every day.

Tomorrow I will start core strengthening and Yoga. Yes I said Yoga. I can't believe I am really going to do this. I talked several cross country runners into doing it and they would if I did.
So I will do it until they quit, then it will probably be history. Who knows.

Race plan for the next several months: 12/13 Urineo 50 miles, OH
1/18 Ghost Town 38.5 Miles, NM
2/7 Rocky Raccoon 100, TX
3/21 National Marathon, DC
4/18 Forget the PR, Mohican 50 km, OH
5/30 No Frills Just Hills 6 Hour, OH
There you have it. See you later..........................................


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

My back still hurts...

Anonymous said...

Don...thanks for the donation to One More Mile charity run.
Good to see you have the Urineo 50 on your list.....I highly recommend it.
also thanks for starting the Mo100...i've done a few and it's a good 100