Friday, November 7, 2008

Here's a challenge for 'One-More-Mile'

Many people are very generous and give to charities all the time and some people don't.
There is a race or challenge going on as we speak to raise money for two charities. The winner's charity and the race director's charity. The contestants each pledge an entry and how these monies will be distributed is based on running one mile starting November 1st, then adding one mile each continuing day. So on November 30 they will run 30 miles and December 1st it will be 31 miles.
Lot's of miles. Now my challenge isn't just to see the monies for the charities. I think the suffering by the runners is much more desirable. If the monies are high they won't cave as easy, so let's make them suffer for the win (Last Athlete STanding). If you would like to follow the venture go to I know they will keep this up if the donations pour in and I would to see just who is willing to endure the most pain for their charity.

Oh by the way I ran 10 miles today in the pouring rain at 53 degrees. Now that's running weather.


Josh said...

Thanks, Don! That would be great if we could get more contributions! That's the only thing that will keep me going through the hard days.

Mike said...

Man did you nail that....I would find it harder to quit with donations occurring...thanks for yours BTW

Don: said...

The suffering and there will be some, is all about the money.