Saturday, July 12, 2008

Summer Blogger Blues

Yesterday I ran 6 miles of trails in the wilds of Mohican and had an excellent run. It was an eerie one at that, but a good one. The eerie part was the lack of sound. Dead quiet, not even a bird. Strange! There were lots of hikers out on the trails, but quiet. Strange!
Well what's this got to do with the blues. Nothing, I just wanted to document my run yesterday.
Now the 'Summer Blogger Blues'. I noticed I have a hard time during the summer sitting down and writing a blog. I thought it was me, but I noticed other bloggers wrote a lot less at this time then when the season was not as warm. In fact the only one with an excuse for not blogging for a period was Josh 'On The Run' aka pickle who was on vacation in Yellowstone. A poor excuse not to Blog as I took my laptop while on trips and Blogged all the same. But anyhow there is less Blogging going on by all. I think it comes down to sitting at the computer while the weather is to nice to be inside.
So there you have it many of us are most likely doing our runs and enjoying the outdoors at this time, we aren't letting the rest of the world know.
Tomorrow morning Rob 'Buckeye' Powell and myself are going for a trail run in Mohican at 6 am. We will do 10+ miles and return in time for Rob to run with Luc. Rob plans 20 miles with Luc. I will however go back to bed.
On July 19, Rob and anyone else who wants to run and celebrate my 25,000 recorded mile will run from the Covered Bridge in Mohican. The run will be the purple loop of Mohican 100 the 4 miles I will need to make the distance. Then some photos to be taken for documentations and onward for more running. Time to be announced.


Josh said...

Don, I too, have noticed a decrease in summer blogger activity. It not only affects posting, but I think it also effects the number of blogs people look at and the number of comments they leave. What's a blogger to do??

Don: said...

Wait for the snow to fly, I guess.
I do check all my usual blogs when I blog.
However when I don't blog I don't look. I hope Yellowstone was nice.