Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life Gets Busy and Pay the Price.

I could not believe that I had gotten so far behind on my run updates.  It seems life does get in the way at times and apparently the past week is no exception.  So I will play catch up on my training and runs.

#3  3X15:  (Wednesday 11/10)  Did a 15 miler mixed road and trails at Mohican S.P. and Loudonville.  Ran 9.5 miles on trail.  Started with 3.5 miles of easy running, then attempted to maintain 8 miles at tempo pace.  I unfortunately was only able to hold that pace for 6.5 miles.  I finished out the 15 miles at an easy pace.  Just was a little depleted.

11/11:  Day of Rest.
11/12:  Ran 5 miles at Mohican mixed road and trail.
11/13:  Ran 3 miles road at Mohican.  Had a great run.  Felt fresh!
11/14:  Began my 3X20:  #1 was a trail run on the Mohican Bike Trail in reverse from Mohican Class A to the Covered Bridge, returning on Hemlock Trail and finishing with 4+ miles on the Mountain Bike short trail.
Got to run with Mike Patton, Terri Lemke (She ran a 50k the day before), Michelle Bischel, and Mitch.  Had a good run and completed it around 4 hours and 17 minutes.
11/15:  Due to schedule conflicts this week was not meant to be for 3 consecutive 20 milers, so this was a 5 miler mixed with trails and road at Mohican.  Not so good of a run.
11/16:  2X20:  #2 again was a trail run using the Red/Green Loop of the Mohican Trail 100.  On a cold wet morning I met with Terri L., Tom Patton, and Cheryl Splain.  Due to the damp cold we moved slowly and once at Rock Point we continued on at a little faster pace.  It rain pretty good on us making for not so great of a day on the trails.  However, it is in the books and had some fun running with friends.
11/17:  Ran 3 miles at Mohican on road.
So there we are with a planned run today of 5 miles, off on Friday and the 3rd 20 miler on Saturday being 10 miles of tempo pace.

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