Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 X 15 #2: Mohican Trails

I met up with Terri Lemke, Dan Bellinger, Tom Patton, Cheryl Splain, and Julie Bowen-Miller for a 15 mile trail on the orange loop of Mohican Trail 100, Tuesday, November 9.
We all arrive near to 8 AM and got started at 8:15 AM from the 'Forget the PR' pavilion and headed to the beginning of the Mountain Bike Trail running orange in reverse.  The first 2 miles are up hill and then gets rolling there after for a nice runnable trail.  I had posted water at approximately 8.5 miles, so we refreshed and headed to the covered bridge.  The temperatures began around 34 and rose to 54, but it was a nice calm clear day.
When we arrived at the covered bridge, Dan's and my garmin indicated a little aver 10.7 miles complete.  I thought that with a new section of trail the course was much shorter.  I however forgot that the Mohican 100 goes to Hickory Ridge and deviates from the Mountain Bike Trail causing the difference in the mileage.  So all is well!

From the covered bridge (Bridge is completed so no detour.) we headed to the Class A campground via Hemlock Trail.  Dan and Terri picked up the pace which I was not able to match and got ahead of me.  I continued to North Rim Trail with it's brutal climb and finished off the last mile.  The run felt great.  Time goes by very quickly when running with friends.

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