Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pre Thanksgiving Runs

It is amazing how quickly a week can slip bye.  Been to two High School Sports banquets, watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows twice, and ran.......
11/18:  Ran 5 miles at Mohican with some trails.
11/19:  Went to Columbus and watched Harry Potter on IMAX, no run on this day!
11/20:  Ran #3 X 20 miles for the week.  This run was a 5 mile easy, 10 miles at tempo pace, and 5 miles easy.
            The run was almost all at tempo pace.  Felt great for a run I did not feel motivated for.
11/21:  Met up with a visiting Loudonville alumn who holds the boys cross country record of 16:24 at the
            5k distance.  Fortunately we went out for a nice paced 5.4 mile run.  Very enjoyable run from LHS     to       Mohican S.P. Class A and return.  Did a lot of catching up, Thanks Jason Neubig.
11/22:  Just a little old 3 miler on roads at Mohican.
11/23:  Jason and I ran for another 7.24 miles around and through Loudonville.  Life is good.

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