Thursday, February 14, 2008

Keeping it clean.

First, I ran 3 miles on my treadmill. To lazy to go outside in the cold. That will change as of tomorrow.
Secondly, after my run I headed down to Loudonville High School to get the indoor track team and head to Wooster High School to use their indoor track. Haley Young one of our distance runners told me she looks at my blog. I, of course was aghast. I know my blog on the Psycho Wyco 50 KM race could be damaging with all the dirty details of the race. So, to all of you offended by my dirty details about all that mud, I am sorry. I will attempt to keep my blog and myself clean in the future.
The indoor track team has been doing well. The team is made up of five boys and two girls.
Nick Kopp, Jace Wolford, Kyle Lemke, Mickey Harvey, Mack Taylor, Liz Reinthal, and Haley Young.
At their first meet the boys were 6th of 23, while the two girls were 16th of 23 schools. Not to bad.

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