Friday, October 22, 2010

Tempo Run - Thursday

10:30 AM, I went down to Mohican and did an 8 mile tempo run using the 1st mile to get the hear rate up and keeping it there for 6 miles and using the last mile to bring it down.
The day was perfect 47 with sun and some wind.  The 1st mile was road and the 2nd and 3rd was also road , but the next 4 were on trails.  Using trails makes one feel like they are flying while trying to keep the HR in tempo range.  The Max HR was 160 with the average at 153.  About right for a 60 year old.
All in all a great run completing the 3 daysX 8 miles for week #1.

Today I decided to take off, but will run 3 miles tomorrow.  On On1

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