Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Begin 50 KM Training Plan

After the 5k on Sunday, my plan is to begin training for the Bigfoot 50k Trail Race at Salt Fork State Park on December 4, 2010.
Here's the basic version of the plan:
Week 1: 3X8 miles (Road, Trail, Tempo) on three consecutive days.
Week 2:  3X10 miles (Same as above).
Week 3:  3X12 miles (Same as above).
Week 4:  3X15 miles (same as above).
Week 5:  3X18 miles (Same as above).
Week 6:  3X20 miles (Same as above).
Week 7:  Taper to race day (Not the Terri Lemke method).
Week 1 so far:  Monday ran 5 miles on road and trail at a good pace.  Felt great.
                        Tuesday ran  8.12 miles on road at a good pace, almost tempo.
                        Wednesday ran 8.7 miles of trails at Mohican.  Another good run.

I will take one day off this week, probably Saturday.  Exciting times, can't wait for Bigfoot.......

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