Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Running in the Wind.

Wow, 67 degrees and the wind blowing it was time to do my 10 miler.  Changed from the tempo 10 to the trail 10 due to the high winds.
The trails were abandoned so I had them all to myself.  Ran the North Rim Trail in Mohican to the Mountain Bike Trails.  The direction I went meant the updhills were numerous in the 1st 5 miles.
The trees were swaying and the leaves were falling to the ground making it difficult to see the trail.
 My legs were tired from yesterday and when I finished this run, they were screaming.
 Anyhow, the 10.1 miles was done with the 2nd 5 miles faster than the 1st 5 miles.
I don't know how many more nice days we are going to have left but do hope for a few more.
 Tomorrow will be the tempo paced 10 miler...........
Betty walked 4 miles today, job well done.

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