Sunday, June 13, 2010

Estes Park Marathon Not this Time!

7 AM the Estes Park Marathon started in a torrential downpour and temperatures at 40.
The course went uphill for about a mile. My lungs told me this is what elevation is all about, however as soon as we went downhill it felt much better.
It continued to pour rain and I was getting really chilled by 4 miles. The scenery is beautiful and probably without all the low cloud cover it would have been even nicer.
I continued on and kept getting colder and shivering so at 9 miles I called it a day. If only the rain would have stopped and the sun would have popped out things may have been different.
So it's 2 for 3. I guess triples in a weekend wasn't for me.
Sorry no pics today, just picture lots of rain and cold.
Next week will go for #46 at Bighorn Mountain Trail 50 KM, WY.

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Kim said...

OH rats! Sorry to hear that. But you know better, you were smart to stop when you did. Onward to # 46!!