Saturday, January 17, 2009

Truth or Consequences

Friday I arrive at TOC, NM and went for a quick 5 mile run from the hotel we are staying at.
I headed west into the desert on what turned out to be gravel roads. The temperature was 63 degrees and sunny. Had a nice run. Saw no wildlife, even with a sign warning to watchout for rattlesnakes.
I will take Saturday off since no benefit will be had for the race on Sunday. Rest will be more benefit.
I did notice on my run Friday the higher altitude (5,000'+) than
I'm usually accustomed (900-1,300').
I will report my race on Sunday, I know all will be on pins and needles to hear all about the adventure.


Mike said...

I know I am all pin and needley...good luck Don!

Sludge (this is NOT funny) said...

and all i have to say don is that you are SO lucky to by in NM. we have so much snow here, and it's been really cold, too.
good luck tomorrow!

Don: said...


Sludge aka Liz,
I feel real bad for you with all the bad weather and I bet you have plenty of days off school so far.
How was practice on Wednesday?
Thanks for the luck. I hope I don't get sun burn.

Kim said...

Yes, we ARE waiting!