Sunday, May 25, 2008

So Much to Talk About

Today I met the group of Mohican runners to do around 22 miles on the trails. I was there for 8 am, the rest showed up prior to 9 am. I guess it is important to read the emails with information on the group run. However, traditions says the earlier the better.
We cheerfully ran the purple loop and pretty much stayed together. Once we started the orange loop a few rabbits headed out and scampered away up the trail, not to be seen until the run was done. I ended up running with Rob and Chris. I did get a little dehydrated towards the end of the run and they graciously ran with me. The key to not getting dehydrated is drink the dam water that's in the bottle in your hand.
Yesterday I did run 5 miles down at Mohican with some trails. Nice run with lots of tourons out.

The girls ended the track season on Friday with the only competitors left being the miler and two miler. They did not have a good day, so all in all the season was done for them. Next year.
The boys on the other hand got the 4X800 team, 4x400 team and two 800 runs to region meet.
I coach the 800 and up runners, so there is still more work to do. Our one 800 runner broke the school record again in 1:58.7, hopefully he breaks it two more times. He should. He is right where he should be.


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

1:58 is a fast ass time. Time to break that record at his next race right? His competition will be there.

Don: said...

Kyle should break this time on Friday.
He is in the same lane as the fastest runner at 1:56. I told Kyle to let him do the work and stay on his back side. He is ready and should be able to do it.