Friday, September 11, 2009

Ice Cream

Summer has been great for running and increasing the training, but the quality was not there. The other day a person close to me indicated that I may have gained some extra pounds. Low and behold the scale confirmed this outrageous fact.
While my training miles have increased so has my intake of ice cream. Summer is a time of ice cream and apparently I have partaken of one to many belly busters at Stake Shortstop.
So what to do......calorie count has begun again in earnest as I have a marathon in a little over 2 weeks. As anyone can figure this won't be a PR, but a completion for state #42. My focus race will be in November, the Rhodes Island 6 Hour Ultra. So I must lose 20 pounds by then and get much faster. No more ice cream, dam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday I plan on running the Kokosing Odyssey 6 Hour Run near Gambier, Ohio. It is all on cross country course so I will use it as a long training run with the 1st half marathon at a fast pace and survive the remaining distance from there on. I would like to go at least 27 miles.
Fact: 1 Belly Buster = 1200 calories; the same as 9 Sam Adams.

Cross Country has been going well, the boys won an invitational last week, the girls came in second. Since then my #3 runner got injured and is hurting the teams scoring. Hopefully he will be better and we can back to our winning ways. The girls are looking strong, so thing are looking up for the end of the season.

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Michelle said...

You were not one of the two guys I meant but now you reminded me of our belly buster conversation and you qualify as the 3rd guy! LOL