Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clarence DeMar Marathon - #42

Well it is in the books.
Today I ran the Clarence De Mar Marathon that starts in Gilsum, NH and runs to Keene, NH.
I got up around 5 AM and headed to the finish line at Keene College to be bused to Gilsum.
The rain was coming down on my way over to Gilsum and continued all the way through the marathon.
This is a nice marathon that runs through some beautiful areas of New Hampshire. Along forested rivers and streams. Up and down hills, some large and real workers.
My plan was simple get to the finish line. I did!
Next was to run the first 16 miles in under 10 minute miles, I did !
The last I hoped to keep my remaining miles around 10:30 miles, I did!
My time was benefited by running sub 9 minute miles for the first 6 miles.
I felt great to around 18 miles when my current problem flared up (back). After suffering for a while I took a naproxen tablet at 21 miles. There is a long steep hill after 22 mile marker, so I was glad I took it.
I met some nice runners out on course. Lou and I ran in to the finish. We talked about many subjects including running, he's a teacher of middle school students, and of course finishing.
I would recommend this race as well run and a very nice act.
My finish time was 4:28:46 (not official).


Mark Carroll said...

Great job Don! We were thinking about you and sending positive vibes during our run this morning. Glad to hear that things went well. Now please rest that back : ).

Mike said...

Great job Coach! Sounds like a beautiful run...

Nick said...

Great job Don.
Was hoping that back issue was gone.

Don: said...

Well the back issue persists and I will spend some time on strengthening before RI.
Thanks for all the best wishes and congrats.
This is a very well run marathon on a beautiful course (even with rain and hilly).
Met lots of nice folks out here and had fun. It is better to be in shape to run a marathon, but I do have #42.
200th place of 241 and 46th of 54 in AG(50-59).

Michelle said...

Great marathon Don!
Sounds like a tough one.
Now on to number 23. Which state is next?

Michelle said...

Whoops! I meant number 43. LOL

Don: said...

Michelle....#43 will be Rhodes Island.
It will be the Rhodes Island 6 Hour Ultra on Nov. 15, 2009.