Monday, February 9, 2009

Running Week in Review

I was going to keep up with daily blogs on my running last week, but look I didn't.
So here's Feb. 2 through Feb. 8 in summary: 37.5 miles.
Mon, Wed., & Friday did an ab workout. Tues & Thursday completed a weight workout.

Mon: Wooster indoor track. 2 mile warm up with 6X200m @ 41.7. Followed by 2 mile cool down.
Tuesday: 5 mile run in Loudonville with indoor track team.
Wed. & Thurs: Bad boy with no run.
Fri.: Wooster indoor track. 2 mile warm up with 3X1 mile @ 8:02. Followed by 2 mile cool down.
Yes I am out of shape. The miles were to be at 7:45.
Sat.: Ran with Rob Powell for 12 miles in Mohican. Lots of snow and ice on the ground. Did meet up with Kim, Wendy, Gabe, Regis, and Mike. They did their run the hard way by breaking
trail in deep snow. It was a trudge fest.
Sun.: Ran 10 miles on road in Lexington with Rob and Michell. Did run some with Scott and Leslie.

Today, Monday I did run 5 miles in Mohican with some on trails. I wanted to see if the snow had
gone away with clear trails. About 15% clear with the rest deep snow and ice. If it is 60
degrees tomorrow, then the snow should all go bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!