Thursday, February 12, 2009

Indoor 800 Workout

Wednesday I completed a workout at the Wooster Indoor Track.
The workout was one of two focus workouts for the week.
2 mile warm up.
5X800 meters @ 3:50 or better
2 mile cool down

The 800's went well ranging from 3:38 to 3:50 for 3:44 average.
Ran a total of 6.59 miles.

Mon.: 5 miles
Tues.: Off
Wed.: 6.59 miles
Thurs.: 8 miles planned
Fri.: 2+4Tempo+2 = 8 miles planned
Sat.: 5 miles planned
Sun.: 20 miles planned


Michelle said...

I like 800 repeats but they hurt. I think I have them next week. Great workout! See you Sunday.

Nick said...

I like 800's too.
Sorry I can't make it on Sunday for the 50k familiarization run.
I may make it up to Mohican on Monday for a run though.

Don: said...

Yes I agree the 800 hurts the most. I even tell the kids it is the moist painful at 85-95%.
Looking forward to Sunday.

Nick, Sorry we won't see you Sunday.
What time are you running at Mohican.
If it is real early I could meet up with you. I have an obligation around noon.