Sunday, February 15, 2009

'Forget the PR' Familiarization Run #1

Today I was meeting up with runners doing the first, yes the very first, 'Forget the PR' familiarization run #1. It would be 15.45 miles. I also needed to get a 20 miler in for the 10 more mile challenge. So I decided to be down at Mohican at 7:00 am to get an initial 5 miles in before the other runners showed up. I did and got back in time to have a glossy taken of the group and off we went for another 15.45 miles.
The others that were there today included Terri Lemke, I coached a couple of her sons in track and one in cross country. Rob 'Race Director ' Powell, Michelle 'the rocket' Bichsel, Dan Bellinger, and Ron Dukes.
We started at the Pavilion at the Class A campground, Mohican S.P.. We proceeded north to the Mountain Bike Trail and followed it to Hickory Ridge. There were lots of trees down on the trail.
We all made it to hickory ridge and from there the group took off and left me in the dust to run all by my lonesome. I ran on the the covered bridge where the #2 aide station will be during the race.
I waited to see if Ron Dukes would appear and I would run with him to the pavilion. After 5 minutes I decided to move on along the river for the last 4.25 miles. It is always so beautiful running through this section of trail. Once back at the cabin area the trail follows the 'North Rim Hiking Trail' for one mile, then plunges down to the class A check in for a 0.25 mile to the finish.
It was a rather slow run for me probably due in some part to the trees down on the trail.
Ten minutes after I was done, Ron Dukes finished.
All in all a nice run.


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Great run! That was fun!

Nick said...

Great Job Don. I will not be able to make it tomorrow as I originally thought.
I will probably come up next Sunday, but before I plan anything I need to check my schedule.

Michelle said...

Great running with you Don. What's up with the nickname? You are too funny, at least you didn't say what I should really be called. LOL

Don: said...

It was fun. As always great to run with friends.

We will get a run in together soon. My day ended up pretty busy anyhow.

I thought that fit, but maybe that tattoo makes you run even faster.
The question is when we all get to see it? Maybe we could have the Tattoo 25 mile run.